IBM i® Change Management with PTC Implementer

Change Management and Development on IBM i® with PTC Implementer

PTC Implementer is the leading change management solution for the IBM i ® available on the market today, providing software configuration management (SCM), Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), and deployment for the IBM i, i5/OS, and OS/400 operating systems running on Power Systems, IBM System i, iSeries, and AS/400 servers. Utilizing host-based and graphical user interfaces, it provides developers and IT managers with a feature-rich and easy to use environment that speeds development by managing and streamlining critical development processes. At the heart of Implementer is the Developers Workbench.

System security and integrity is paramount. With Implementer, you receive a secure, scalable and flexible solution to protect your production, development, and testing environments on IBM i® servers.

PTC Implementer provides rich integrations into a variety of 3rd party products including: American Software, CA 2E, Hawkeye Systems Pathfinder, Help Systems ROBOT, IBM® IBM Rational Developer for Power, J.D. Edwards World Software), LANSA, Lawson Software, Original Software TestBench, Infor AS/Set, Infor BPCS, and Infor PRMS.

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Features & Benefits of PTC Implementer

  • Developer Workbench — An intuitive environment to make host-based development faster.
  • Integration with IBM Rational Developer for Power Systems (RDP) — Provides developers with a single point of control, tying process management, versioning, code promotion activities and task assignments directly into RDP.
  • Compiling - Ensures the accuracy of compiled objects by retaining the creation command from the last Implementer compile.  In the case of multiple target environments, all promoted objects will retain the attributes derived from the primary target environment.
  • Packaged Applications — Integrate and adapt seamlessly to dozens of the most popular application packages in the market today including SAP, Oracle’s JD Edwards World, Infor (BPCS, Infinium, PRMS), American Software, and Lawson. Numerous other products targeting vertical industries are also supported out of the box.
  • Development Tool Integrations — Integrate and adapt to dozens of the most popular IBM i host-based and client-based development tools. Products supported include those from companies such as CA, LANSA, Help Systems, BCD, IBM, Infor, Hawkeye Information Systems, and Original Software.
  • Secure Promotion Technology — Ensure the integrity of application libraries with an authenticated adoption scheme that prevents backdoor updates to your applications.
  • Parallel/Concurrent Development — Ensures proper controls over initiating and approving changes that result from multiple developers working on separate copies of the same source simultaneously.
  • Database Support — The latest features of both SQL and DDS-based files are supported. Advanced features include dynamically-created SQL Alter Table technology to speed database promotions and SQL stored procedure and UDF support.
  • Impact Analysis — All application dependencies are reviewed automatically upon promotion to prevent corruption of test and production systems. With an application pathing facility, promotion/deployment scanners ensure all impacted production objects are analyzed and recompiled into the correct testing libraries.
  • Release Management — Target IBM i or other platforms with unattended distribution and installation to a single or multiple locations. Allows for visibility of a unified status of all changes from a single location to provide real-time status on all deployments.
  • Emergency Development — When the integrity of your production applications becomes compromised, emergency development capabilities and processes enable expedited rollbacks and promotions to restore or update the affected application in one step.
  • PTC Implementer Update - Allows new features, capabilities, and releases to be installed with a user friendly, standalone application.

Added Features and Benefits with Integrity

  • Real Time Reporting and Metrics — Customizable dashboards by role provide instant visibility into the health of any given project.
  • Additional GUI Capabilities — Visual differencing, annotated views, and treeview of source archives are just a few of the features available directly from host based panels or from Rational Developer for Power Systems. Also enables work with Zend PHP.
  • Requirements Management — Capture and validate software requirements, link them to downstream development and testing activities, and manage their completion through a unified process across the lifecycle.
  • Workflow Enabled Development — Both native IBM I projects and full application modernization projects spanning multiple technologies and platforms, benefit from advanced workflow features such as dashboards, real-time metrics, graphical workflow modeling, and automated processes. Manage and deploy applications using either a continuous flow development (Agile) model or an application versioning (Waterfall) approach.
  • Source Code and Configuration Management — Manage the versioning and development activities of distributed development.
  • Test Management — Effective test management helps deliver higher quality projects and when linked to requirements, helps increase first time delivered right performance.