3D CAD Software for Collaborative Engineering

Creo CADDS 5 – Specialized CAD/CAM Software

An adaptable, hybrid modeling solution that lets users optimize their design approach for specific cases. You can leverage parametric, explicit, and derived modeling capabilities which are tailored to meet the needs of shipbuilders and other designers of very large, complex products. Creo CADDS 5 facilitates collaborative engineering. Its unique architecture enables hundreds of designers to work concurrently on a design project, enabling simultaneous design, documentation, assembly and machining.

Creo CADDS 5 Optegra – An Open Information Environment

Helps Creo CADDS 5 customers using Creo CADDS 5 files, as well as other CAD data and non-CAD-related product development information, to improve their collaboration, management and control efforts. The software's unique architecture enables 3D CAD users throughout the enterprise to browse, locate and securely access up-to-date information. It also streamlines and improves control of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) processes and Creo CADDS 5 data management.




Features & Benefits of Creo CADDS 5 and Optegra

  • Broad range of capabilities give you the power and performance needed to create very large, complex assemblies.

  • Provides the most comprehensive shipbuilding solution with specialized capabilities for naval and commercial designs.

  • Derived modeling capabilities allow you to leverage rule-based modeling, standards-based inputs or other databases to drive model parameters.
  • Powerful concurrent assembly environment enables parallel design activities for large engineering teams.

  • Multi-disciplinary systems design capabilities offer comprehensive support for designing electrical, piping and HVAC systems.

  • Allow design teams to dynamically create, view, manipulate and control a single master product model.

  • Ensure access to a single, centralized, secure and up-to-date CAD software dataset.

  • Utilize EPD.Connect to easily detect model interferences, animate 3D product models and navigate complex product structures.

  • Extend CAD visualization beyond the authoring tool and into the extended enterprise.

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