Challenges Precision X-Ray faced many challenges in the push for ISO compliance and was constrained by paper-based processes. They needed a solution to track product and quality documents and the capability to support compliance requirements and scale with them.

About the Company

Precision X-Ray, Inc., headquartered in Madison, Connecticut, is a global leader in small-animal cabinet irradiators and radiotherapy research systems. They provide easy-to-operate, reliable, safe, and cost-effective X-ray imaging and X-ray irradiation systems that set the standard for quality, reliability, and accuracy. From the first X-Rad system, designed for the National Cancer Institute in 1998, to today’s advanced SmART+ (Small Animal Radiation Therapy) system, Precision continues to provide thousands of partners around the world with products that lead technological innovation in commercial, agricultural, and academic irradiation treatment fields.

Business Challenges

When it comes to next-generation X-ray technology, Precision is working on some fascinating projects. With design and manufacturing done in-house, the company has built an innovative product line of irradiators and accessories in pre-clinical research, cannabis decontamination, virus inactivation, sterile insect technique, X-ray sterilization, and more.



Innovate and develop next-generation X-Ray technology

Best Thing About Arena

Provides full visibility and linkage of an item’s history, including quality information across the company

Bottom Line Impact

A single source of truth provides Precision X-Ray better business performance


Over the last few years, Precision has faced several challenges in the push for ISO compliance, and the constraints of paper-based processes. Ed Engstrom, Quality Assurance Supervisor, said, “As we grew and tried to manage multiple product lines, keeping track of design documents buried in dusty file cabinets, maintaining current SOPs, and managing training records became an insurmountable task.”


"As we grew and tried to manage multiple product lines, keeping track of design documents buried in dusty file cabinets, maintaining current SOPs, and managing training records became an insurmountable task."

–Ed Engstrom, Quality Assurance Supervisor


The Solution

Precision knew they needed a solution that included a centralized location for product documentation, a place to manage and track quality documents, flexibility to scale with the company, capability to support ISO compliance requirements, the ability to automate change control processes, and to move away from paper-based processes.

With the prospects of purchasing a new solution, staying within the IT budget was also a concern. After evaluating multiple quality management systems (QMS) and product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions, Precision selected Arena’s product-centric QMS. Arena not only checked off most of their must haves, but also met the budget requirements. Ed explained, “One of the main reasons we went with Arena was because employees liked the fact that Arena gave them secure remote access.”


Arena has helped Precision pass the first stage of their ISO 9001 certification journey. This ISO green light has given the company the confidence and momentum to move forward in strengthening other compliance certifications such as a dedicated RoHS and REACH program. Processes that used to live in silos, such as the approved supplier list (ASL) and supplier corrective action requests (SCARs), are now seamlessly connected which provides traceability and company-wide access in Arena.

Ed clearly sees the value Arena provides Precision when it comes to managing its training program. “In the past, we would have had to reference a spreadsheet to find the training matrix for each department when a new employee joined the team, someone changed departments, or an auditor inquired about our records; it was only as accurate as the person maintaining it,” stated Engstrom. “Now, adding, subtracting, and tracking individual employee training is organized and automated inside Arena. All relevant training is entered into ‘buckets’ by job function and employees are slotted into them as needed. Retraining on new revisions is now pushed automatically by change control; the need for a standalone matrix has been completely obsoleted.”

Key Benefits

Since implementing a cloud-native connected PLM and QMS solution, the company’s overall performance and quality operations are faster, smoother, less time-consuming, and have significantly reduced the need for paper.

Arena’s cloud-native solution enables employees to have anytime, anywhere secure access. Teams can stay current on activities in their respective areas or look at other parts of the company for updates or status and know the information is accurate. Project leads can make or quickly approve a product change even if they are remote. With real-time access, the product change cycle can be much shorter.

The task of calibrating equipment has also been simplified with Arena. The wait time to pull and send calibration papers to field technicians at customer locations is removed. Now the technician simply enters the item number into Arena and the entire calibration history of the item is available for reviewing or printing.

As Precision continues to expand its product portfolio and applications into new and emerging fields, Arena has provided the framework to help them get there.


"In the early stages of any company’s growth, departments often operate in silos focused solely on revenue generation. Tribal knowledge is scattered on napkins, sticky notes, and email chains, leading to inefficiencies and outdated information. Arena has allowed us to bridge the gaps between those siloes and collaborate seamlessly and instantly from design to production to service. This collaboration enhances the quality and compliance of products we put to market, crucial for customers such as ours who are engaged in cutting-edge research and development."

–Ed Engstrom, Quality Assurance Supervisor