Challenges Trane is a pioneering force in service transformation leveraging a wide variety of service technologies to increase revenue, maximize profitability and customer satisfaction.

Adopting a Better Service-Centric Approach

Trane, an industry leader in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services and solutions, discovered a fundamental need for helping their customers operate more effectively and efficiently. Trane’s goal is to offer predictive service in real-time to satisfy customers the first time, every time.


Trane relies on Service Lifecycle Management solutions from PTC and the power of smart, connected products in their service-centric approach to taking care of customers. They can anticipate and prevent break-fix problems by receiving predictive data and turn it into actionable information before failures occur. This not only improves product uptime and performance but also increases the value that intelligent services can provide to their customers’ business performance.


PTC has helped Trane leverage smart, connected products in their mission to help their customers make their buildings better for life. Trane product design teams use product performance insights gained through service data for continuous product and service improvement.

Watch this video to learn how service plays a large part in Trane’s success, and how they ensure timely product and service knowledge is available to their service organization to gain a more service-centric approach.