When Caterpillar is operating in locations like the Arctic Circle, with severe temperatures below -50°F and remote, inhospitable locations, equipment and facilities remaining online is a matter of life and death.


Caterpillar on Service Optimization: When Equipment Uptime and Safety are Mission-Critical

De Beers’ mining operations span the globe; when operating in locations like the arctic circle, equipment uptime is crucial. With severe temperatures and remote, inhospitable locations, De Beers needs to know that their equipment and facilities will remain online. Watch how Caterpillar is using PTC’s Service Optimization solution to intelligently predict and prevent downtime—before it happens.

Temperatures plunge regularly below minus 40 and even minus 50… if they don’t have power … they don’t have any way to stay alive. ~ Tom Ormsby, APR, Head of External and Corporate Affairs, De Beers Canada

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