Sysmex Leverages the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) to Disrupt the Blood Testing Market Sysmex Leverages ThingWorx to Improve Health Care for Millions of Patients by Doing More Than Just "Building a Better Box"

Software Solutions for Medical Device Innovators

Sysmex, a leading manufacturer of best-in-class, in vitro diagnostic hematology and clinical laboratory products, is disrupting the hematology marketplace with a smart, connected blood analyzer that can be easily deployed in doctor’s offices and other clinical locations. The new analyzer enables blood test results to be delivered the same day, enabling same day diagnosis and rapid response.

In order to pass FDA inspections, Sysmex had to demonstrate that relying on a “digital safety net” consisting of IoT data and analytics could deliver the same outcomes as analyzers operated by more highly skilled technicians within a hospital setting.

The new Sysmex product contributes to the transformation of a healthcare ecosystem that is rapidly moving from “sick care” to “well care” through connected technologies.

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