Smart Connected Products

Leverage the Internet of Things to optimize how you design, sell, support, and service your products

Listen to Your Products. Hear Your Customers. Drive Enterprise Value

For suppliers of capital systems or machinery, the moment your equipment leaves the shop, critical questions are raised—including:

  • How is your equipment performing? Is it meeting customer expectations? Are your engineering innovation based on product performance data?
  • Is your service organization utilizing product status and operations data to ensure uptime and customer satisfaction?
  • How can you recognize and seize additional opportunities for sales, including consumables and value-add services?
  • Are your priorities aligned with real-world performance and customer satisfaction?

The industrial IoT can replace this uncertainty with valuable monetization strategies. By collecting real-time performance data, smart, connected products (SCP) unlock a range of new solutions. Market-leaders are already using SCP to increase profitability, build passionate customer loyalty, and accelerate data-driven decision-making.

Learn How SCP Is Transforming Business

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Speaking of Service podcast series

Listen to the Speaking of Service podcast series where we will cover important topics, like remote condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, and hear from expert guests who can offer an outside view of the Industrial Internet of Things. We'll discuss various aspects of service, including how the IIoT can maximize service and bring value to your organization.


Improve Service ROI With Remote Condition Monitoring

Discover the tangible, practical first steps companies can take to improve service through IoT remote condition monitoring and how IoT solutions help deliver the value.

Quantifying the Business Case for the IoT eBook

Build Your IIoT Business Case Around Smart, Connected Products

The smartest question asked before undertaking an IIoT effort is, “How can I ensure a favorable ROI?” Download this helpful whitepaper for practical guidance on evaluating ROI sources for your IIoT project.