• Pharmaceutical and food service industries face many regulations to ensure the safety of what we consume
  • Human error and guesswork can slow critical compliance processes
  • Each customer employs different machinery and room configurations and manages different space constraints requiring cleaning solutions to be customized to fit each facility

About the Company

Sani-Matic provides specialized cleaning equipment to replace manual processes for companies in the pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries. With both Clean-In-Place (CIP) and Clean-Out-of-Place (COP) solutions for companies of all sizes, Sani-Matic custom-designs equipment to customer specifications to ensure the customers receive an effective, repeatable, and spotless cleaning process. Sani-Matic prioritized a cloud-based software solution that enables customers to automatically collect, record, and analyze cleaning data. This data is proving invaluable for meeting regulatory standards and improving the efficiency and reliability of the cleaning process over time.

Proof of cleanliness

While visual confirmation is an important step in cleaning, full verification requires additional steps.

  • In food production, allergens are a serious concern, with significant liabilities if allergen statements are inaccurate. Allergen swabs are used to validate there are no trace residues.
  • For pharmaceutical manufacturers, potential biological contamination represents a massive challenge—from corrupted trials and testing to fines and legal exposure. The pharmaceutical companies employ precisely engineered lab-based tests that to prove the equipment is completely clean and safe to use.

To satisfy regulations, detailed cleaning data must be accurately recorded to show that all the standards are met. This includes the duration of cleaning processes, procedural steps followed, chemical concentrations, and temperatures used, and a readout of results. In the past, these companies have logged cleaning data records manually.

Now, Sani-Matic has identified an opportunity to increase the value of their offerings. Consistent with their approach to sanitizing, they now offer automated recording and data capture of all cleaning process. This further shortens the cleaning and verification time, increases safety and standardization, and reduces the risks of human error during the inspection and logging processes.

Discover how Sani-Matic drives customer success by automating data collection.

Consistent with their embrace of digital transformation, SaniTrend® Cloud is now helping to improve customer support. If there is a service call, Sani-Matic service teams can now view data remotely and carry out analysis before making an on-site visit. This means when they arrive, they understand what problem is and are prepared to address it in fewer visits, with a first-time-fix-rate goal in mind.