Challenges To improve efficiency and time to market, FBR needed a 3D modeling and product data management solution that would enable collaboration, data sharing, and change management throughout their design process.


FBR has developed Hadrian X®, a world-first robotic blocklaying system that offers unparalleled speed and accuracy, with a small footprint that fits on the back of a truck. Every house is modelled in 3D CAD so that each construction block can be placed in a precise location. Collaboration and data sharing within FBR is key to the team’s productivity.

To ensure a successful implementation, FBR partnered with LEAP Australia. With its long-established reputation for successfully delivering engineering, simulation, and enterprise software and services, LEAP has the knowledge and experience to implement complete solutions across the entire product development lifecycle that reduce costs, improve quality, and increase productivity.



Using Creo & Windchill, FBR engineers are able to know exactly where each component is going to be installed to avoid clashes or installation difficulties. Windchill allows everyone to focus on product design without worrying about managing product data and has provided confidence in the releasing process – allowing parts to be rapidly released to procurement and manufacturing.


Creo and Windchill have helped FBR work more efficiency, reduce rework, and have given them better confidence in the design of their products.