KHS needed to build more energy efficient and high-performance bottling machinery for the Hirsch Brewery, while controlling product variants and reducing cost in the process.


Modular Product Architecture

KHS a global manufacturer of filling and packaging systems for the beverage industry, adopts a modular product architecture to control product variants and reduce cost.

Brewing Award-Winning Beer

The Hirsch Brewery draws on years of tradition and the best ingredients to brew beer. For freshness, bottling matters too, and the team uses the latest bottling technology from KHS, a PTC customer.
The Hygienic Design concept is only possible with PTC Creo. We use it to replace corners and edges with curves and slopes, so liquids run off and cleanliness improves. We also make sure there are no exposed electrical elements, pilot valves, and control hoses in the filling valve hygiene area Andreas Krieg, head of construction at the KHS site