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  • ECAD-MCAD collaboration with large databases had been historically difficult using traditional methods of data exchange (i.e., IDF). It had become challenging to exchange entire designs from one domain to the another, and communication regarding changes was done manually.


  • Fujitsu Network Communications investigated utilizing PTC Creo ECAD-MCAD Collaboration (ECX) data exchange as a way to eliminate the need to transfer the entire database, more accurately identify what changed, and manage communications between both domains
  • PTC Creo ECAD-MCAD Collaboration (ECX) data exchange reduces time and maximizes resources. Changes are managed across multiple design centers in a consistent manner without regard to changing time zones.


  • By employing IDX as their ECAD-MCAD data exchange format, Fujitsu is now able to more efficiently and frequently exchange data between both ECAD and MCAD domains
  • By incorporating the Compare functionality, they have a more automated way to view the impact of a change before it is proposed, accept or reject changes, and have that history tracked with the design
  • Fujitsu Network Communications expects that this will enable them to reduce errors, shorten design cycle times, and reduce prototype spins