Challenges Demonstrating the advanced inner workings of a vehicle can be difficult without physically splitting a car in half. When potential buyers are unable to fully experiences these features, it can lead to longer sales cycles or loss of business.

Augmented reality experience showcases powerful INFINITI QX50

The INFINITI QX50 is a premium mid-size SUV that embodies everything the brand stands for. It has a beautiful design, advanced technology, and powerful performance, making it one of the most innovative vehicles INFINITI has in its portfolio. Visionaries 777, an innovative design agency, created an augmented reality experience for the QX50’s initial unveiling that featured a 120º sliding screen on stage. This sliding display showed a digital X-Ray view of the car, allowing the users to see highlighted internal features like the VC-Turbo engine and steel frame.

The installation was so well received at the show that INFINITI was interested in deploying the experience in dealerships. However, the current large sliding screen experience wasn’t something they could easily distribute. INFINITI went back to Visionaries to make a more scalable augmented reality in-store experience.

Vuforia Engine enables dynamic augmented reality experience

Visionaries 777 wanted to use leading augmented reality software for INFINITI’s mobile deployment. Visionaries 777 was impressed with the robustness and stability of Vuforia Engine’s Model Targets, a technology that utilizes the 3D model of an object to deliver powerful tracking. Even in different lighting conditions and environments, Vuforia Engine continued to perform.


Augmented Reality creates wow factor for customers

The QX50 AR experience was launched at the Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and Macao International Automobile Show. It encouraged potential buyers to explore and interact with the inner workings of the car using a tablet. The visualization was key to creating a wow factor for attendees. One of the show’s visitors stated, “This is very cool! I am very interested in visualizing the chassis of the car, it’s like having x-ray vision.”

During the experience, the customers could visualize the new VC-Turbo Engine in context under the hood, the car’s steel frame, the interior spinal seats, the smart packaging, and the cargo space—all without the heavy lifting of taking the car apart.


Immersive augmented reality experience helps cut costs

This breakthrough augmented reality application optimizes the car buying experience at both dealerships and auto shows. Customers can have a more interactive and engaging experience with the vehicle, helping them understand the key differentiators and shortening the sales cycle.

The augmented reality experience has also helped cut costs. Traditionally, INFINITI would spend large amounts of money dissecting cars or cutting them in half for display. With their new AR application, this costly practice of physical dissection and display transport can be avoided.

The QX50 augmented reality in-store experience gives sales and training teams a cutting-edge tool that offers an immersive experience of the QX50 for potential buyers and new employees.

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