Industrial AR for Sales & Marketing

Use Industrial AR to accelerate sales cycles and frequency. AR can dramatically differentiate sales and marketing activities, with immersive and personalized customer experiences.
Augmented Reality is Changing Marketing and Sales

Ventana: Supercharge Your Sales & Marketing with Augmented Reality

Use augmented reality to deliver digital product experiences to your customers. AR shortens sales cycles, reduces the cost of marketing and sales logistics, and immerses customers to set you apart from the competition. Read this report by Ventana Research to explore how AR can help you transform selling and marketing.

Why You Should be Using AR for Sales & Marketing

Augmented reality offers business value across a wide range of use cases—so why should you consider sales & marketing first? From reducing costs and accelerating pipeline, to unlocking new revenue streams, these applications offer complementary benefits. They’re also easily implemented, meaning you can make a near-immediate impact on revenue.

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Vuforia Engine: Flexible AR Development

Vuforia Engine provides robust, cross-platform software that enables branded AR experiences for both new and existing apps that can be deployed in leading app stores.

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Vuforia Studio: Quickly build scalable AR experiences

Vuforia Studio enables efficient, cost-effective authoring of industrial AR without the need for in-depth programming.

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Vuforia Chalk: AR Remote Assistance

Vuforia Chalk is a powerful remote guidance and collaboration app—helping experts and technicians solve problems more effectively.

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