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Post Go-Live and Handover Support

You will need to monitor end user usage, ensure there are no issues with your upgrade, and prepare your internal application support team.

01. Post Go-Live Support

During and immediately following deployment, the project team and support team should be readily available to resolve any issues. They should also know how to contact PTC Technical Support if necessary.

Thorough testing of the Creo version is vital to ensure the data integrity of models and reduce critical emergencies. PTC offers services to support you in your upgrade implementation, such as Dedicated Support Engineers & Technical Support Account Managers. If interested in an expert, contact Renewal Advisor to learn details.

  • Dedicated Support Engineers offer short term service, support, and attention for Go Live events or other critical milestones events
  • Technical Support Account Managers offer long term service to help you make sure that software is always running smoothly.

If pursuing an upgrade on your own, we recommend that during any testing and deployment activity, at least one CAD Admin and Support member are available.

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02. Handoff to Support Team

After deployment of the new Creo version is completed, the team who implemented the version upgrade will transfer ownership to your trained and dedicated support organization. This team is responsible for providing technical support to your CAD Admins as well as Creo end users, among other duties. Ensure the application support team is trained and prepared to resolve potential issues.

After the handoff, your support organization should never make changes to the application in production. Finally, note the change(s) in the documentation.

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03. PTC Technical Support

Technical Support at PTC is here to help you succeed during your upgrade and beyond. With your subscription we offer:

  • Access to PTC’s eSupport Portal & Knowledge Base
  • Unlimited Technical Support Cases
  • PTC Community Support
  • Performance Advisor to monitor product usage
  • You may not have access to this feature, but your admin might. Contact your Creo admin for help or contact PTC to see who in your organization may have access to this feature.

When looking for help, we recommend you:

  1. The first search on google, we are search engine optimized or search in the Knowledge Base
    • There are two types of articles on the Knowledge Base:
      • Individual Case Articles and "Knowledge Hubs" (collection of articles by theme).
  2. Then, file a Technical Support Ticket in our Case Logger.
  3. Call our Technical Support or Customer Care Center. Please refer to the Customer Support Contact Page for region specific numbers.

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