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Assemble Project Team

To achieve a successful upgrade, you’ll need an experienced team. Explore the skill sets and experience your project team needs. Determine whether your organization internally employs the right talent. Hire outside resources to bridge any gaps if needed.

Before you begin, complete these steps:

01. Gather Internal Team

You’ll need a variety of contributors to upgrade your Creo system. The number of team members will vary, depending on the scope of your use case. Having experience upgrading Creo will be a significant advantage. PTC and experienced partners can often fill gaps in skill sets and experience.

Although their titles may differ, you need the following team members.

  • Project Manager is responsible for leading an entire project through initiation, planning, execution, and completion. They will play a significant role in ensuring the upgrade is done promptly.
  • Technical Lead is responsible for leading a development team, and responsible for the quality of its technical deliverables. They will determine which update customizations will be valuable as well as understand the existing configurations.
  • Testing Team/User is responsible for creating test scripts and plans for the upgrade. They are aware of the current business processes and will document all changes for the upgrade.
  • Systems Administrator is responsible for the upkeep, configuration, and reliable operation of Creo. They will need to be aware of all the changes being made to the system.
  • Process Lead is responsible for the project technical documents to validate consistency between environments, resources, and goals to meet.
  • Adoption Lead is responsible for creating a user adoption strategy to help end users reach their goal. They will be vital to getting end users using the new functionality and keeping usage up.

02. Align with Partners and Teams

We know that product design in Creo is a highly collaborative process. You may choose to have multiple teams within a company or even a third-party partner contribute to your design. Before you make an upgrade on your Creo version, you should align version requirements between your teams and partner companies. We recommend that on your upgrade team, you have an informed member from each party to help ensure that upgrade changes will not affect any collaborative work between teams.

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03. Determine outside resources needed

When necessary, organizations hire contractors or consultants to bridge skills gaps in their organization. If internal employees are non-existent or unavailable, hire outside resources. Verify that the individuals you hire have the right skills and experience to meet your project goals.

If you purchased a Success Plan from PTC, you have access to Creo experts who will support and guide you. Customer Success Management can help you plan your upgrade. Your PTC Customer Success Manager will ensure you have the right mix of resources on your team. They’ll help make sure each contributor has extensive experience with Creo and is well suited for the role. If you don’t have a Success Plan, contact your sales representative.

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