Article - CS37185

Quick Reference and customization of the user interface in Creo Parametric

Modified: 08-Nov-2023   

Applies To

  • Creo Parametric 1.0 to 10.0
  • Windchill PDMLink 10.0 to 12.0


  • Quick Reference and customization of the user interface
  • Are Quick Reference Cards still available?
  • The was not used for UI customization and all Ribbon based modules
  • Which file is used to store the UI customization information
  • In which directory is the UI customization file stored
  • How to load the UI customization file from the run/startup directory
  • How to implement and provide CAD Administrator settings for the UI
  • Best practices for managing the customization.ui file
  • How to manage the customization.ui file for multiple versions of Creo Parametric on the same machine
  • Unsigned Toolkit applications won´t load even when a prompt is answered with yes to keep this
  • Check box choice is not retained 
  • Add a command into mini-toolbar(right mouse menu) in drawing, which file is used to store this setting
  • Which file is used instead of in the latest release of Creo Parametric?
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