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Validate Upgrade

Deploy your Creo build for your existing DevOps and testing processes. Only when the version has been tested and verified, should it be promoted to production.

01. Execute Test Plan

Stick to the strategy you created in the Plan phase. As a reminder, here are the things you want to cover when you test in a development, quality assurance (QA), and/or testing environment(s).

  • Verify user permissions and data: Make sure your users have the same Creo feature access they originally had before upgrading Creo. Ask users to log in to Creo in a test/QA environment and verify they have access to everything they need. Test the user permissions for each user group (administrator, user, etc.). You may need to strip production data from some environments to prepare for testing, especially user acceptance testing.
  • Verify users have the correct license: The users’ licenses should also be verified if they have changed between versions of the software.

Remember that testing is an iterative process and follow your testing plan thoroughly to verify the new version. If you find issues, submit IT tickets to get support and go back to your test cases to address any issues.  Remember to document changes as you write and record test results.

02. Gain Acceptance from Stakeholders

Test the application in a test/QA environment with a select group of existing users to make sure that the upgrade has not impacted their experience negatively. User acceptance testing should answer questions like:

  • Can users navigate and use the application as they expected?
  • Is the new functionality confusing?
  • Is it missing any functionality that they’re accustomed to having in previous versions?
  • Did the application function correctly during the test?


You may get insights during testing and choose to act on them later. If the application does not meet all user needs, decide whether to pause deployment or to launch as-is.

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