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Create a Project Plan

Compile the plans to upgrade your Creo system into one project plan.

01. Document Implementation and Project Plan

Now that you understand the functionality available to you and the requirements necessary to upgrade to Creo Parametric, you need to document how and when you will execute the customization and configuration of the system. You will also need to be prepared to reconfigure the Creo system.

Your project plan should provide a detailed view of everything you need to do to complete your project. This plan should include:  

  • Specific tasks
  • The people responsible for tasks
  • When each task needs to be completed 

Use the documented plans you've created so far as a place to begin. No task is too small and should be included. Everything from development and launch tasks to training and communication plans are important for the project plan.

02. Stakeholder Alignment

Significant changes in functionality require substantial buy-in from your stakeholders. Your stakeholders include the project's sponsor as well as key end-users of the system. Make sure to gather your project team before kicking off to ensure everyone is on the same page with the pending changes to the system.

03. Finalize Budget

To finalize your upgrade project plan, compile a final list of project costs.

Add up the final costs of:

  • Equipment such as hardware and software
  • Internal and external resources
  • Any potential financial impact this project could have on current operations due to outages, shortages, etc.

We recommend that you include a 10-15% contingency on your final budget to support unplanned costs that may come up during the project.  

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