The Right PLM/PDM Solution for Your Organization

Whether you’re looking to break down silos and align product and manufacturing teams in a large enterprise or just need product data management for your small company, PTC has you covered. Our comprehensive application suite provides easy-to-deploy, highly-configurable, out-of-the-box core PDM and PLM applications. With innovative capabilities such as augmented reality (AR) for design share, role and task-based apps for lightweight interactions with product data, and integration with the ThingWorx platform for smart, connected products and operations, PTC has the right PLM or PDM solution for your organization.

Keep Pace With Product Innovation

Creating a fully digital thread is becoming vital to beating the competition and driving innovation, but it requires investment in the right tools and processes. PTC PLM provides a single platform with a wide breadth of applications and key functionality, like managing Bill of Materials (BOM), tracking changes and configurations, managing requirements and quality, and viewing product designs in AR. So, whether it's implementing a single system for multi-CAD data management or ensuring your design, manufacturing, and service teams are sharing the latest product information - PTC has the solution.

Change Management

Understanding the impact of a change across the organization – no matter how small -- is key to ensuring your product’s success in the market. Make dynamic, fast-paced, coordinated changes throughout the product lifecycle and ensure that all stakeholders are accessing the most up-to-date product information.

Access Only the Data That You Need

It is becoming increasingly important to securely collaborate across more functions globally. PTC provides role-based data access to stakeholders, ensuring they see only required data. Whether you need to allow direct access to your enterprise systems, create a copy of information to be shared in a collaborative space, or send a technical data package to outside vendors, PTC has a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution to ensure complete protection of your IP.

Think of Your Product and Design as a Platform

Your customers are increasingly looking for customization – whether it’s to their specific market, geography, or industry. Rather than produce expensive one-offs for each customer, you can adopt a platform approach to product development.

Deployment Options

PTC PLM solutions are proven to be uniquely flexible, scalable, robust and secure, whether you’re running them on-premise, in our cloud, or as a fully-hosted SaaS approach – so you can get started quickly, realize value, and grow at your own pace.

How Do You Deploy?

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