PLM starts with requirements management

Effective requirements and validation practices are more than just an integral part of developing and engineering complex products and systems. They are vital to mitigating risk and ensuring customer satisfaction.

With requirements management and validation you enable teams to specify, define, verify, and validate every aspect of the product. It offers end-to-end traceability, built-in change and configuration management, and standards-based collaboration across teams, vendors, and supply chains.

Empower Teams to Collaborate and Build Complex Products

Empower teams to collaborate and build complex products

For most manufacturers, requirements are typically managed in independent systems, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and email. This makes it difficult to keep pace with the velocity of change, ever-growing number of product variants, and added rigor of overlapping regulatory requirements. All too often the result is wasteful product rework that increases costs and undermines the predictability of product release cycles.

To address these challenges, organizations rely on requirements management and validation solutions to deliver compliant, innovative products that meet critical cost, quality, and time-to-market goals. With PTC, you can centrally manage evolving requirements and test assets. The traceability and sharing of data become automated, enabling cross-functional collaboration across applications and throughout the product lifecycle.

Getting it Right the First Time

Requirements management: Getting it right the first time

PTC’s requirements management and validation solution provides detailed, auditable traceability. This enables safe, cross-functional collaboration and parallel development across all teams involved and the supply chain. With holistic visibility into evolving requirements, stakeholders can easily manage test sessions, determine the impact of proposed changes, and verify test results against requirements for improved product quality and compliance. Requirements can also be imported/exported in the ReqIF file format, with flexible configuration and mapping options for synchronization across supported applications.

Key product features

Configuration and maintenance of managed and traceable requirements-based verification processes.

  • Advanced authoring and collaboration: Manage data efficiently with rich text and hierarchical views

  • Contemporary web user interface: Including document and item editors, document review and feedback, embedded OSLC client, and more

  • Enterprise scalability and reliability: Scale to thousands of users with one unified requirements and validation system

  • Customer and supply chain integration: Easily share and synchronize requirements information across team, product, and vendor boundaries

  • Streamlined compliance: Improve compliance, safety, and quality reporting with end-to-end visibility on a secure platform

  • Process and event-driven server-to-server integrations: Access to data through standards-based APIs, including OSLC for link and trace with Windchill and Windchill Modeler

  • Subscription-based access: Bundle software and support in one subscription to simplify budgeting, improve transparency, and reduce costs on unused software

Requirements management customer stories

Learn how your peers are managing requirements and test data across product lifecycle.

Requirements Management at Cummins

Hear how Cummins populates a global product requirements library of all information that can be reused and accessed by all stakeholders.

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Medtronic Improves Global Collaboration to Ease Product Complexity

Learn how Medtronic has enhanced global collaboration while adhering to strict FDA requirements for a large number of complex products.

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Learn more about Windchill, PTC’s PLM platform

With Windchill, PTC's product lifecycle management solution, you have a scalable and fully tailorable repository for your valuable requirements and validation assets. Windchill enables enterprises to address the challenges associated with manufacturing complex products, which ensures customer satisfaction and the mitigation of risks. 

Windchill is utilized by more than 1.5 million users worldwide for access to the digital thread. It is a scalable solution with built-in requirements management and validation.  

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Give stakeholders throughout your organization quick and easy access to product data. Windchill, PTC’s product lifecycle management solution, helps break down organizational silos leading to:

  • Improved time-to-market
  • Decreased costs
  • Improved product quality
  • More time for innovating

Windchill offers organizations the performance and scale they need to manage large data sets and with subscription pricing, you only pay for what you need. Plus, with easy integration to the ThingWorx IoT platform, data from smart, connected products in the field can be leveraged for a digital twin.

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