Use PLM for IT to fuel collaboration with enterprise systems integration

Digital transformation projects often require complex systems integration across globally distributed teams. How do you connect the ecosystem while maintaining quality and productivity? How do you ensure compliance without impacting revenue or time to market?

With PLM, you automate the flow of accurate information across a secure and open architecture. You create digital traceability and data governance throughout your cross-discipline systems and processes, enabling collaboration and innovation.

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Transform your ecosystem with PLM for IT

Establishing PLM as the foundational layer to your global information platform enables you to manage the complexity of enterprise systems and strategic processes with 24/7 global product development. In addition to raising overall design quality with continuous collaboration, below are some additional results our customers have experienced.

Time to Market


Decrease the time it takes to implement change orders by 30% to 70%.

Increase Operational Efficiency

manufacturing efficiency

Decrease time-to–production by more than 50%.

Lower Non-Quality Costs

non-quality costs

Reduce scrap, rework, and warrantee claims, lowering cost of poor quality by 40%.

Optimize Service Effectiveness

Optimize service

Experience a first-time-fix-rate of more than 90%.

PLM IT capabilities

For manufacturers embarking on digital transformation, PLM provides a solid foundation for the smart, connected enterprise by enabling a digital thread of information.

Quality management
Product data management
Change and configuration management
BOM management

Quality management

Continually improve the quality of the product and reduce service instances to improve customer satisfaction.

Product data management

Manage multi-CAD data in a single system using tight integration with Creo, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, and other CAD tools.

Change and configuration management

Make dynamic, fast-paced, and coordinated changes throughout the product lifecycle to ensure all stakeholders are accessing the most up-to-date product information.

BOM management

Provide full traceability between engineering, manufacturing, sales, and service with comprehensive out-of-the-box BOM Management.

Case Study Section


Learn how Volvo Group leverages the digital thread to improve workforce productivity, reduce training time, and increase quality across their enterprise. Using PLM as the backbone for the digital thread, Volvo implemented various digital transformation and Industry 4.0 initiatives to route data and visualize it across the enterprise. Find out how.

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