To accelerate innovation while managing an increasingly complex product development process, Ingersoll Rand needed to connect all areas of the product lifecycle – across engineering, manufacturing, and service.


About Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand is a diversified industrial manufacturer with market-leading brands serving customers in global commercial, industrial, and residential markets. As a company that values innovation and enables their people to achieve great success, Ingersoll Rand helps improve quality of life and the health of the environment around the world.

Ingersoll Rand: Continuous Innovation for Global Markets

Watch this video to hear how Ingersoll Rand continues to innovate and serve growing world markets by relying on globally distributed product development teams. Connecting all areas of the product lifecycle - across engineering, manufacturing, service.

Ingersoll Rand: Growth through Innovation

Ingersoll Rand executives talk about the company’s strategic initiatives to accelerate innovation through new solution offerings and product improvements in order to create and deliver value to customers.

Ingersoll Rand: Creating Customer Value through Software

Discover the critical role of software in Ingersoll Rand products and how it is used to create valuable solutions for their customers.

Ingersoll Rand: An Integrated Solution for Requirements Capture

In this video, Ingersoll Rand’s VP of Controls Engineering discusses the growing role of software in complex products. Managing requirements throughout the product development process ensures predictable outcomes and improved quality.