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Conduct Post-Upgrade Readout

Take time to evaluate how the project went and review how end users are responding to the upgrade.

01. Project Retrospective

At the end of the upgrade process, we recommend summarizing the work in a Post-Upgrade review to help improve or jumpstart future upgrades. We recommend you note:

  1. Who was part of the executing team and what were their responsibilities?
  2. What was the scope of the upgrade (enterprise, small team, etc.) and the overall upgrade plan?
  3. What testing activities were completed for this upgrade, and what were the results?
  4. What errors or challenges occurred in the process and how were they resolved?
  5. What errors did you report to our technical support or product management team?

Upgrading to the latest version of Creo ensures that you have all the latest enhancements and features. With these new enhancements, you can operate at your teams’ maximum potential. Revisit your original goals and measure the business impact of the upgrade. For example, after training, how has the design process or time changed?

02. Review Usage Metrics

As your team continues to learn and utilize the updated capabilities, we advise that CAD admins keep track of usage metrics from end users, as well as bugs or errors. To help your CAD admins, PTC provides Performance Advisor, our product telemetry tool powered by PTC ThingWorx, to everyone.

With Performance Advisor, a CAD admin can get aggregated views of usage and diagnostic data from Creo and other PTC products. Reports may include:

  • System Stability
  • Engineer Usage (Session Counts)
  • Unexpected Exits or Errors

Making use of these reports and dashboards can help your team improve operational productivity by detecting performance issues early, predicting usage, and managing users accordingly.

Learn more about the Performance Advisor tool in our Help Center Overview and how to access it in the PTC Creo Dashboard Environment.

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