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Learn How to Use Vuforia Chalk

Explore Chalk’s features and functionality and understand when to use them.

Learn Chalk’s features and functionality

Everyone who will have access to Chalk needs to learn how to use it. Understanding key features and functionality will help new users get comfortable with the technology. It may also inspire ideas for when and where to use Chalk.

Everyone should understand how to:

Access contacts

  • The contact list in the app shows everyone you’ve added as a contact for Vuforia Chalk. You can add other Chalk users from your organization by selecting “add contact,” then “from company directory.”
  • Each individual user’s contact list is saved locally on their device.

Start a session

  • Select someone from the "My Contacts" screen to start a session with them.
  • To start a session with a participant who is not registered to use Chalk, send a Connect Code. You must have a premium license to send Connect Codes to your contacts. These contacts need the Chalk app to join a session using a Connect Code, though they do not need a Chalk account.
  • If you’re using Chalk for Desktop, you will not have access to a contact list. To start a session, you must create or enter a host code.
  • If you’re using a RealWear device, you cannot start a session; you can only join a session someone else started. You must have a premium license to use Chalk for RealWear. Learn more at the “Use Chalk for RealWear” link below.

Help Chalk understand your environment

  • At the start of your session, you must scan the environment where you need help. Follow the on-screen prompts to ensure you properly scan your environment.
  • If you scan your environment, Chalk Marks (annotations) will “stick” better. This helps your expert provide clearer guidance.
  • Stationary objects are best to focus on.
  • Chalk Marks are easier to see in well-lit areas. Use your device’s flashlight function to improve lighting.
  • Objects with distinct features, corners, or colors are better than plain or reflective surfaces.
  • Once you share your view, you will see yellow dots appear on your screen. Chalk is mapping your environment.

Draw Chalk Marks

  • Chalk Marks are the annotations you make on the screen that “stick” to things in your environment.
  • Participants requesting remote assistance and experts providing assistance can draw Chalk Marks on the screen. If you’re using a RealWear device, you cannot draw Chalk Marks.
  • Select different colors for those providing guidance and those seeking it to differentiate information. If you decide to change colors during a call, all your previous Chalk Marks will also change color.
  • Use the “Undo All” button to clear all Chalk Marks from the screen.

Save session summaries

  • Chalk automatically captures images of points of interest, like Chalk Marks, throughout your session.
  • On a mobile device, you can save and share these images at the end of your session. If you don’t save them, the session summaries will be deleted when the session is closed.
  • Your organization may disable this feature for security reasons.
  • Session summaries are not available for Chalk for Desktop or guests with a Connect Code.

Use low bandwidth mode

  • Low bandwidth mode is useful if:
    • your network is slow
    • you don’t have access to WiFi
    • you’re using an unreliable cellular network
  • Low bandwidth mode allows you to view high-quality images but with a slight delay. The user viewing someone else’s environment can activate low bandwidth mode from the main screen.

Use audio-video only mode

  • This option shuts off annotations.
  • It can be helpful if the user does not have an AR or Chalk compatible device.

Users who have a premium license should understand how to:

Send Connect Codes (premium users only)

  • To start a session with a participant who is not registered to use Chalk, send a Connect Code: a unique 9-digit code that allows anyone to join your session.
  • The participant receiving the Connect Code must download the Chalk app to join a session. But they do not need a Chalk account.
  • See the “Start a Session Using Connect Codes” resource below for instructions.

Use Multi-Expert Sessions (premium users only)

  • Up to 5 people can participate in a Chalk session.
  • To start a session with more than 2 participants, you’ll use Connect Codes. See the “Start a Session Using Connect Codes” resource below for instructions.
  • You need software version 4.0 or later to use this feature.
  • Your organization may disable Multi-Expert Sessions. If you don’t see the option to invite more than one participant in the Chalk app, contact your primary administrator: In the Chalk app, select “Settings,” then “Help,” then “Contact Company Admin.”

Use Chalk for Desktop (premium users only)

  • Chalk for Desktop is a quick and easy way to transfer expertise from a remote location to those in the field by providing remote assistance from your browser.
  • Once connected, you can view the other user's environment and draw annotations using your mouse, all from your desktop computer or laptop.
  • Chalk for Desktop should primarily be used to provide guidance since it does not have the AR capabilities to scan or share the environment it's in.

Take some time to test each of these features and initiate sessions with fellow users. The more you use the app, the more comfortable you'll be. Read more about how to use Chalk in the resources below. If you need help, contact your Chalk administrator: In the Chalk app, select “Settings,” then “Help,” then “Contact Company Admin.”

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