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Install Vuforia Chalk

Before you install Chalk, your organization's admin must invite you to create an account. Once you activate your account, download the Vuforia Chalk app on your device.

Accept Chalk invitation

Vuforia Chalk email inviteTo join your company's Chalk account, you need an invitation from an administrator at your company. Once an admin adds you as a new user, you'll receive an email invitation from "" It may be in your spam folder.

Accept the invitation to create a Chalk account. Use your company email and choose a password. If your invitation expires before you’re able to accept it, contact your primary administrator: In the Chalk app, select “Settings,” then “Help,” then “Contact Company Admin.”

If you were invited to use Chalk by another user, not your organization, you only need a free Chalk account. You may receive an email inviting you to download Chalk if someone tries to add you to their contact list. Sign up for an account when you download the app.

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Install Vuforia Chalk on devices

Once your Chalk account is activated, install Vuforia Chalk on your device. You can use Chalk on a mobile device, tablet, laptop, desktop computer, or RealWear eyewear device. Check if your device is compatible with Vuforia Chalk.

If your company owns your device, your IT department may need to give you permission to install the app or do it for you.

Mobile devices and tablets

The Vuforia Chalk app is available from your device’s app store. After you download the app, sign in. Use your company email address and the password you selected when you created your Chalk account.

RealWear devices

If you’re using RealWear HMT-1 or HMT-1Z1 to use Chalk, make sure your RealWear operating system is updated to Android 8 or 10. Then download the Vuforia Chalk APK onto a computer and install the application onto the devices from the RealWear Explorer. Your organization needs premium licenses to use Vuforia Chalk on RealWear devices. Learn more in the “Vuforia Chalk for RealWear” link below.

Laptop or Desktop computer

If you’re using Chalk on a laptop or desktop computer, there’s no need to install anything. Log in to Vuforia Chalk is only supported on the Google Chrome web browser. If you do not have the required web browser, install it now. Your organization needs premium licenses to use Chalk for Desktop. Learn more in the “Vuforia Chalk for Desktop” link below.

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