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Verify Security and Compliance

If you have not done so already, make sure Vuforia Chalk meets your organization’s security policies and compliance requirements.

Address security requirements

Check your organization’s policies and identify your security requirements. Your IT department will likely have specific rules governing software, mobile/eyewear devices, and data security. Early in the project, contact the people at your organization who are responsible for reviewing new technology. Address security concerns early to prevent delays later.

Vuforia Chalk is a SaaS (software as a service) solution built to safeguard users’ data and intellectual property. To learn more about what PTC does with your data, read our Privacy Policy. If your IT team has concerns about storing data in the cloud, PTC can address them. If you need specific security information or reports, email PTC or contact your sales representative.

Consider if you want users to have the option to save session summaries. If privacy is a concern, an administrator can disable the session summaries feature.

Vuforia Chalk security features:

  • SOC2 compliance
  • Content encryption for data in transit and at rest
  • Secure authentication and single sign-on support
  • Multi-layered application security management including service isolation, network and web application firewalls, user access controls, and auditing
  • Environment vulnerability scanning and penetration testing
  • DDoS protection for real-time monitoring and remediation for network-level attacks
  • Backups and disaster recovery
  • Option to use end-to-end encryption

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Understand encryption options

Chalk offers two encryption types:

1. End-to-end Encryption (E2EE)

  • This encryption type offers the highest security.
  • Data lives only on the device, not on the server. Content is passed back and forth between participants’ devices, not the cloud.
  • If PTC provisioned your company’s account before March 30, 2021, then your account uses End-to-end Encryption by default. You were provisioned when PTC granted your organization access to its Chalk account.
  • This encryption type disables access to the Multi-Expert Sessions feature. With End-to-end Encryption, only two users are allowed in Chalk sessions.

2. Standard Encryption

  • Data passes through Chalk Cloud Services before reaching other participants’ devices.
  • Data lives on the server just long enough to be decrypted, re-encrypted, and sent back to one or more clients. Once data is sent out to other clients, it does not remain on the server. Data is never permanently stored on a server.
  • If PTC provisioned your company’s account after March 30, 2021, then your account uses standard encryption by default. You were provisioned when PTC granted your organization access to its Chalk account.
  • This encryption type enables the Multi-Expert Sessions feature.

Allow host to choose

You may "Allow Host to Choose” their own encryption type. In this case, your users must choose which encryption type they want each time they start a session. Carefully consider whether this option is right for your users: in most situations, someone using Chalk to request assistance won’t know whether end-to-end or standard encryption is appropriate for their situation. With this option, the user must choose their encryption type before they can start a Chalk session.

Encryption considerations

There are some important factors that play a role in determining what encryption type your organization needs.

  • Benefits of standard encryption: If you choose standard encryption, you will have access to the Multi-Expert Sessions feature, which allows up to five people to join a Chalk session.
  • Changing encryption: You can change your encryption type at any time. The change takes effect right away. To change your encryption type, visit the Chalk Admin Center and select “My Account.”
  • Encryption and access: Multi-Expert Sessions are only available if your organization uses standard encryption.
  • Consult with IT: Your IT department will likely have security requirements that Chalk must meet. They will help you decide which encryption type is better for your organization.

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Confirm industry compliance

Consider how your organization will use Vuforia Chalk: does your industry have any compliance standards or regulations you must meet in those situations?

Compliance questions to consider:

  • Are workers required to document repair activity?
  • Does your organization need copies of SOC reports? If you need reports, email PTC.
  • Do rules or regulations prevent workers from using eyewear or mobile devices while performing tasks?
  • Are cameras allowed in the environments where you plan to use Chalk?

Plan how Vuforia Chalk will affect your organization’s compliance processes.

Determine device requirements

You will need some combination of mobile devices, eyewear devices, or computers to use Vuforia Chalk. Before you select which devices to use, identify any safety and security standards that devices must meet.

Safety and compliance

Imagine the employees who will use Vuforia Chalk and consider the environments where they work. Are there any restrictions on the devices they can use while performing their jobs? For example, are employees required to wear helmets or safety glasses? Do devices need to be intrinsically safe for use in explosive environments? Are workers using the devices in a clean room? Document any relevant safety and compliance requirements.


The devices you use to participate in a Chalk session will temporarily store data. These devices have built-in security features, but your organization may require stricter protection. Are there data security policies that govern devices at your organization? For example, you may need to install Mobile Device Management software on the devices to allow your IT department to monitor and secure them. Document any relevant security requirements.

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