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Get Familiar with Vuforia Chalk

Learn the basics about Vuforia Chalk and the software and hardware you need to use it.

Learn the basics

Vuforia Chalk empowers you to get guidance from anyone, from anywhere. If you need help, start a Chalk session with an expert—someone who can give you guidance—and share a live view of your problem. You and the expert draw annotations (also known as Chalk Marks) on the screen that stick to objects in your environment, even as you move your camera. Use Chalk on mobile devices, tablets, RealWear eyewear devices, laptops, and desktop computers.

Vuforia Chalk connects someone seeking guidance with remote experts at their organization.

There are two types of participants in a Chalk session:

1. Participants who request remote assistance

  • Shows their environment to another Chalk participant
  • May be your internal employees or your customers, depending on your use case
  • Will use Chalk to request remote guidance from experts

2. Participants who provide remote assistance

  • Sees the other Chalk participant’s environment
  • May be a manager, business unit leader, or subject matter expert
  • Will use Chalk to provide remote guidance

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Explore features and functionality

Vuforia Chalk helps factory operations, service, and other teams to quickly access support and expertise. People seeking guidance use Chalk to share their live environment with remote experts. They draw Chalk Marks (annotations) on their screen to resolve problems together. Chalk uses real-time 3D environment mapping to help Chalk Marks stick to objects in the physical world.

Other features include:

  • Low bandwidth mode: If your network coverage is poor, the user viewing someone else’s environment can activate low bandwidth mode to continue to share high-quality images with a slight delay from the user sharing their view.
  • Audio-visual mode: If someone on a session doesn’t have a compatible device, activate audio-visual mode to shut off annotations.
  • Session summaries: Chalk automatically captures images of “points of interest” throughout your session. You can save or share the images at the end of your session. If you do not save the images, they’re deleted permanently.
  • Connect Codes: If you have access to a premium license, you can create a unique 9-digit “Connect Code” to collaborate with people who do not have a Chalk account. To start a session with someone outside your organization, send them a connect code. These contacts only need the Chalk app to join the session; they do not need an account. This feature is great for situations where the “guest” doesn’t plan to use Chalk very often. They could be a 3rd-party contractor or your end customer in a service model.
  • Multi-Expert Sessions: If you have access to a premium license to Vuforia Chalk and can use Connect Codes, you may have access to Multi-Expert Sessions. This feature allows up to five people to join a Chalk session. Update the Chalk app to version 4.0 or later to access it. Your organization may disable Multi-Expert Sessions. If your sessions allow only one participant to join, but you need additional people, contact your primary administrator: In the Chalk app, select “Settings,” then “Help,” then “Contact Company Admin.”

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Review compatible devices

Use Vuforia Chalk on mobile devices, tablets, RealWear eyewear devices, laptops, and desktop computers.

Some devices have limited functionality.

  • Mobile devices and tablets allow users to scan an environment, which helps annotations stick.
  • RealWear eyewear devices can also share your environment and enable you to receive expert guidance. You cannot start sessions or make Chalk Marks on RealWear eyewear devices.
  • Remote experts can use desktop or laptop computers and a Google Chrome browser to view a user’s issue, draw Chalk marks, and share knowledge. You cannot share your environment from a laptop or desktop computer.

Check the list of supported devices below to make sure your device is compatible with Vuforia Chalk.

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