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Define Your Use Case

Identify and prioritize your use cases. Look for opportunities where Chalk is most likely to generate value for your organization. Then, finalize and design your use cases.

Identify business challenges

To get the support your project needs, you must prove how Vuforia Chalk aligns with the strategic goals of your company. Identify and outline the challenges your business is facing. Focus on challenges that fit well with Vuforia Chalk.

Consider any challenges that prevent your organization from achieving its goals. For example, when workers cannot get the right guidance to fix equipment in a timely manner, does it cause downtime? What do you need to fix this issue? Do you have the right personnel on site to help in your current state? Prioritize your list of business challenges, keeping value in mind.

Vuforia Chalk could help you achieve value by:

  • Faster and more effective service and support
  • Reducing travel costs for field service technicians
  • Minimizing unplanned downtime

Once you identify your most important business challenges, document the activities or capabilities that will create value. How will Vuforia Chalk help your organization solve its business challenges?

Learn how other organizations use Vuforia Chalk

To better understand how Vuforia Chalk can address your business challenges, learn about other companies’ use cases and the impact Vuforia Chalk had on their business.

Example use cases include:

  • Reduce number of service calls by 12.5-76%
  • Improve first-time fix rate by 20-67%
  • Reduce unplanned downtime by 20-50%

Recommended Resources

Map business challenges to Vuforia Chalk

Now that you have a prioritized list of business challenges, explore the top possibilities. Answer these questions:

  • Pain point: What is the business challenge you want to solve? How can you improve operational issues, gaps in knowledge transfer, or other areas related to work productivity, quality, and support?
  • Feasibility: What do you want to do? Can Chalk support it? Do you have the infrastructure to support Chalk sessions?
  • Solution: How will Vuforia Chalk solve your business challenge?
  • Value: If the project is successful, what will this do for the business? How will it achieve business value?
    • How does the project increase revenue or reduce costs?
    • How does it affect the day-to-day activities of the employees who use it?
    • How many hours of work can be saved or allocated to other tasks?

Answering these questions should determine which business challenges align to Vuforia Chalk.

Prioritize use cases

The list of possibilities may seem endless. Rank your use cases to focus your efforts and generate the most value.

Think of a situation where remote assistance could solve the problem. For example, you could empower third shift, frontline workers to connect with experts when a machine breaks down. Vuforia Chalk helps them connect with remote experts to fix the issue and resume work quickly.

Consider which use cases will create excitement and encourage your employees to use Chalk consistently. One of the biggest challenges you may face is getting your employees to use it regularly over time. We recommend prioritizing a use case that will generate interest and excitement for the long term to keep up momentum.

Finalize your use cases

With all the information collected, select the most achievable use cases that will provide the most value to your organization. The best way to gain momentum is to start the project in an area where you can prove value quickly. As you decide how to implement your use case, begin with something achievable that provides return on your organization’s investment and acts as a baseline for using this technology throughout the organization. If your use case supports your organization’s business challenges, you’re more likely to get leadership support. 

Once you choose your use case, clearly define the desired outcome and start thinking about key metrics you’ll need to measure and prove value. Document your chosen use cases and confirm them with project leaders. Include success criteria—the specific and measurable factors your project must meet to achieve high-level goals—for each use case, and what steps you’ll take if those criteria are not met.

As you start to use Chalk and learn more about the technology, revisit your use cases and continue to improve upon them. Early success will help with your long-term strategy.

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