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Assemble Your Team

Decide who will be involved in your Vuforia Chalk project and what their responsibilities are.

Determine roles and responsibilities

Decide who will be involved in your Vuforia Chalk project. You’ll need help from a variety of people to pursue your use case and persuade others to use Chalk. We recommend you start with a small team before you introduce it more broadly.

Suggested roles and responsibilities:

  • Executive sponsor
    • Leader at your company who is invested in the success of Vuforia Chalk
    • Responsible for building excitement across the organization and realizing the value of Vuforia Chalk
    • Defines the scope, timeline, use case(s), goals, key performance metrics, and measures of success
    • For small pilots or teams, the deployment lead may own these responsibilities
  • Deployment lead
    • Project manager of the Chalk evaluation and full rollout
    • Rallies the team, communicates purpose and plan, and makes sure everyone is trained
    • Monitors end user adoption
    • Collects feedback
    • Recommends adjustments and next steps
  • Primary administrator
    • Adds and manages users and assigns roles in Chalk
    • Knows how to use Chalk features and functionality
    • Helps users troubleshoot issues
    • Monitors performance and usage
    • Evaluates and communicates results
    • Contacts PTC through technical support cases and provides technical feedback
    • Works with your organization’s IT team to select the appropriate encryption type (end-to-end or standard encryption) to meet your security needs
  • Technical lead
    • Expert responsible for ensuring the technology is successful across the project
    • Makes sure devices and products work on all networks
    • Works with IT and compliance
    • Determines training needs
  • IT and compliance teams
    • Help implement and maintain the technology needed for Vuforia Chalk
    • Ensure Chalk meets your organization’s security and compliance policies
    • Advises the primary administrator about the appropriate encryption type (end-to-end or standard encryption) based on your organization’s security needs
  • End users
    • Expert
      • Individuals and teams who provide guidance to frontline workers or other employees in the organization
      • Individuals and teams who have a stake in the success of the project
      • May be a manager, business unit leader, or someone who is a subject matter expert in their work
      • Will use Chalk to provide remote guidance
    • User
      • May be your internal employees or an external customer
      • Individuals and teams who need guidance from someone else, such as an expert
      • Will use Chalk to request remote guidance

One person may fill more than one of these roles, or you may have several contributors assigned to each role. As you build your Vuforia Chalk team, engage any employees who are interested in and will use the new technology in their jobs. This will create early engagement and excitement, which will help maintain your momentum.

If your use case requires working with your customers or someone outside your organization, consider hiring external resources to cover skill gaps and speed up your program.

Select an evaluation team

We recommend you start with a small evaluation team before introducing Vuforia Chalk more broadly across your organization. Your evaluation team will test and evaluate Chalk in their day-to-day jobs in order to ensure Chalk functions properly in your use case environments and meets your expectations. Your evaluation team depends on the size of your company and your use case. It could be as small as two people.

Engage employees, including end users, who are interested in and excited about using the new technology in their jobs. By involving end users early and listening to their feedback, you encourage them to become advocates for the project.

Get support from leadership

Your Vuforia Chalk project will benefit tremendously from leadership support. Ensure leaders communicate the importance of your project to their teams in regular forums and feedback sessions. Identify and engage various people across your organization to support your project. The right leaders may vary business to business.

Leadership support also cultivates collaboration among the teams who will use Vuforia Chalk across your organization. The more your teams interact, share best practices, and work together, the more engagement and support you'll generate.

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