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Build Excitement and Address Concerns

Technology like Vuforia Chalk will help your organization improve support, decrease down time, and much more. However, for those who will use it, the changes may feel intimidating or disruptive. Take proactive steps to engage your end users (everyone who uses Chalk) and ease the transition.

Establish mechanism for listening to concerns

While it's important to communicate with the people in your organization, it's also imperative to listen to them. If communication is only coming from one direction, you risk overlooking valuable feedback, inventive ideas, or important concerns.

To help facilitate feedback, try one or more of the following methods:

  • An open forum or team website: Provide a forum where end users can ask questions, find answers, and make comments. Project leaders can help answer common questions across the organization.
  • Group email: Some people may be hesitant to post on a public forum. To engage them, consider creating a dedicated project email inbox.
  • Anonymous survey: Send anonymous surveys throughout the process to gather honest feedback without the fear of repercussions.

Whichever method you choose, be sure frontline workers, managers, new trainees, project participants, and other stakeholders know how to express concerns, share ideas, and ask questions.

Generate support across the organization

Advocate for Vuforia Chalk across your organization. If possible, get support from leadership and ask them to help you spread the news. Consider sharing updates with executive leaders, managers, trainees, and other end users as appropriate.

Whenever you communicate about Vuforia Chalk, tell them why you are implementing it. Know how to explain:

  • Why you are making the change
  • How it will affect both the business and the users of the new technology
  • Your end goal and timeline

Prevent wrong assumptions by communicating the value this new technology will bring to your organization.

Create a communication plan

Document how, when, and to whom you will communicate throughout your project. Keep end users informed to help ease concerns about big changes.

Guidelines for creating a communication plan:

  • Explain what’s happening and how the overall project is going. It's especially important to be transparent about new technology because without explanation, end users may fear the new change could eliminate their jobs or create more work for them. Be sensitive to possible fears.
  • Include a timeline for what to communicate, when, and to which audiences. Establish key milestones or successes in these communications to help maintain momentum and excitement.
  • Communicate with key stakeholders to ensure the message is consistent.
  • Involve end users’ direct managers, if possible. If end users know their managers are excited about the change, they will be too.

Introduce Vuforia Chalk to end users

Change can be uncomfortable, but it's inevitable for your business to stay competitive. Implementing new technology like augmented reality is no different. There are ways to smooth the transition and build excitement about the new initiative.

One way to introduce Vuforia Chalk to end users is to show them its possibilities. Help audiences understand the technology by demonstrating how to use it. See examples of Chalk use cases. Explain how this will make their jobs easier and why it should matter to them.

A way to build excitement is to give end users an opportunity to interact with Vuforia Chalk firsthand. Early in the project, recruit end users to help test it. By involving end users early and listening to their ideas, you encourage them to advocate for the project on your behalf.

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