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Create a Measurement Plan

Plan how you’ll measure success. To prove the results of your Vuforia Chalk project, you must measure key performance indicators: Determine your goals, define your plan, and establish your metrics and a clear baseline.

Determine goals and metrics

What are the goals of your Vuforia Chalk use case and how will you determine the project is successful? Establish measurable goals and quantifiable metrics. This will help you keep your project on track, gain momentum, and prove value.

Establishing clear goals also helps you:

  • Get support from leadership
  • Persuade other teams to start using Vuforia Chalk
  • Get budget and resources
  • Expand your project in the future

Depending on your industry, there are a variety of metrics to consider for your use case. Some examples include:

  • Reduce travel costs by improving first-time fix rate
    • How? By enabling frontline workers with real-time AR support from your experts, resolving issues more quickly.
  • Reduce unplanned downtime for you or your customers
    • How? By connecting your field technicians or customers to experts who can guide them through troubleshooting and repair processes.
  • Improve quality assurance and reduce recalls
    • How? By connecting with suppliers in real time to ensure the correct parts are manufactured to your specifications.
  • Improve service diagnosis and resolution time
    • How? By connecting your customers with service technicians to help solve issues fast.

Don't forget to also document "soft" metrics such as customer satisfaction, employee confidence, and overall progress of the usage of Chalk at your organization

Define a measurement plan

After you identify the goals and metrics your organization will track, it’s important to document and share the measurement plan. In the measurement plan, include:

  • Project goals
    • Goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, time-based, and relevant to your Chalk project.
    • Prioritize your goals based on their impact and the opportunity to solve your business challenges.
  • Key metrics
    • The specific and quantifiable measures you will track to prove you're achieving your goals.
  • How you will measure key metrics
    • How do you measure these metrics today? How will you continue to measure them throughout the project?
    • For example, if "travel costs" is a key metric, how will you consistently measure whether travel costs change as you start using Vuforia Chalk?
  • The timeline and milestones for your measurement plan
    • We recommend working in a 30-day timeline. Gather metrics weekly or daily (based on your use case) and do a final comparison at the end of the 30 days.
  • Who will gather and record the metrics
    • There's likely someone at your organization who measures performance of day-to-day operations. For example, a manager who tracks service calls.
  • When to share progress and outcomes with stakeholders
    • For example, depending on your use case, you may meet weekly to check on progress with a final comparison at the end of a 30-day timeline.
    • You’ll share results with the project team you outlined when you assembled your team.
    • Also, consider how you may need to adjust your strategy based on your results. For example, do you need to change the expectations around using Chalk at your organization?
  • Baseline metrics
    • You need to know the current state of your key metrics to accurately measure the impact of Vuforia Chalk.

Establish baseline metrics

Before you start using Vuforia Chalk, you must document your organization's "as-is" state, known as baseline metrics. If you fail to establish baseline metrics, it will be difficult to measure whether your Vuforia Chalk project had a meaningful effect on your organization.

For example, if you're trying to improve service call rates, quantify how often calls occur and how long they take to resolve, using your current method. In this example, consider how long your service calls take on average: Does it meet your expectations? Are there any incidental costs involved, such as travel?

Establish your baseline metrics to help prove the value of your project. Create a spreadsheet or similar document to record your baseline metrics and track any updated metrics throughout the project timeline. This will help you show changes in your metrics as you go along.

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