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Create a Project Plan

Plan how you’ll execute your Vuforia Chalk use case. Decide where to begin, who will be involved, and when you'll start.

Define initial project scope

Envision the boundaries of your project: to what extent will this new technology affect your organization? Define the scope of your Vuforia Chalk project to give those involved a shared understanding of their role, the objectives, and goals. Ensure the scope is manageable for your timeline and budget and it fulfills the success criteria for your use case. Plan your project in a phased approach. Work toward short-term goals within your long-term plan. This phased approach will generate quick wins and give you momentum.

Identify affected team

Now that you’ve assembled your team, consider who else will be immediately affected by your Vuforia Chalk project. Consider who will use Chalk in their jobs and how they do their work today. These employees will need training to use Vuforia Chalk. Also consider who will follow up with them to gather feedback and encourage them to continue using Chalk.

Before you share Vuforia Chalk with employees who will use it in their jobs, select a few people to test the product. These initial users do not need Vuforia Chalk experience, but they should be enthusiastic about embracing new technology and willing to dedicate time to the project. Contact those who will help you test Chalk early in the project and provide them training.

If you have not yet done so, document who has a stake in the project. Include executive sponsors, business leads, subject matter experts, or other contributors so everyone on the project is clearly identified and accountable.

Establish dates and deadlines

Establish a timeline that includes short-term and long-term goals to stay on track with your project. It should also include completion dates, milestones, key deliverables, and a rollout date—the date you’ll share Vuforia Chalk more broadly at your organization. You’ll create a rollout plan later.

Determine your training needs

Identify who needs Vuforia Chalk training and what to include in that training. Your Vuforia Chalk users will need some training to get started. We also recommend including members of your IT team in training so they can provide technical support to other users. Depending on the scale and timeline of your project, your training needs may evolve.

PTC has a variety of independent training resources that explain how to use Vuforia Chalk.

  • The Help Center covers key topics about how to use Chalk, including starting Chalk sessions, scanning an environment, and drawing Chalk marks. The Help Center also has advice for troubleshooting common issues.
  • The Vuforia Chalk Introduction Series on YouTube provides a visual overview on how to get started with Chalk and use its features and functionality.
  • For advice and tips from fellow users, join the Community. Anyone can explore and view posts in the Community, but you'll need to create a PTC account if you would like to post a topic or respond to others. This account is separate from your Vuforia Chalk account.

Recommended Resources

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Technical Support

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Product Documentation

Find step-by-step instructions and information about using Vuforia Chalk in the Help Center.

PTC Community

Visit the PTC Community to get product assistance, share ideas, and browse information about using Vuforia Chalk.

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