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Create Chalk Process

Now that you’re using Chalk to provide remote guidance to employees, how will your organization’s processes need to change? Determine how Chalk fits into your existing processes. Then plan and document the new process you’ll follow to include Chalk.

Document when to use Chalk

Create clear expectations for your end users about when and where they should use Chalk, depending on your organization’s use case. New technology can be disruptive and end users may find it intimidating. If your end users understand specific situations where Vuforia Chalk can help them and how it fits into their work, they’ll be more confident using it.

Earlier in the project, you documented the processes, systems, and tools your organization uses to provide assistance. Now, you’ll outline how Chalk fits into your current processes and how those processes might change. Set expectations for how often and in what circumstances end users should use Chalk, according to your use case.

Ask questions like:

  • How do existing processes need to change now that you’re using Chalk? For example, what new steps are involved when a service ticket is opened?
  • Consider any software, applications, or systems you're using to provide guidance today. How will Chalk fit into your suite of tools? Is it separate from these tools or integrated with them?
  • In what situations should workers use Chalk instead of other communication options? Are there other options or tools they may use first to resolve their issue before using Chalk?
  • How often should employees use Chalk? In what situations should Chalk always be used? When is it optional?
  • Who initiates the Chalk session—the person requesting guidance or the expert providing guidance?
  • How do users know who to contact when they need help? How will they know whether those experts are available? Should the process change if multiple experts are participating in the session?
  • If your use case involves your customers, consider how they will access Chalk. Do they have user accounts, or will you send them Connect Codes to start sessions? How do they know who to contact when seeking remote assistance? Does this change any of your answers to the questions above?

Answering these questions will set you up for success and Chalk’s continued use at your organization.

Document your process

Plan the process of your Chalk sessions: who starts the sessions, how do the participants end the session, how should they manage session summaries, and should they follow up afterward? Think about the requirements your organization has for managing similar communications or processes today. Then consider those requirements as you create a new process. Also consider how Chalk might change or improve those requirements. Document this process to establish standards for everyone using this new technology at your organization.

Your process should include:

  • Order of operations
    • Who initiates the Chalk session?
    • Do you need to use a connect code? How will they receive a connect code, if needed?
    • How is the network connection? Do you have a strong or weak WiFi or cellular data signal? Is low bandwidth or audio-visual mode required?
    • Are there special environmental concerns or issues scanning the environment?
    • How does the session end? Does your organization save session summaries? Is follow up needed?
  • Roles and responsibilities
    • Who are your administrators? They provide users with access to Chalk and assign the privileges they need in their role, among other responsibilities. They may be the primary administrator or a business administrators.
    • Who are your users? These people are in the environment where Chalk is used, requesting guidance using Chalk. They are responsible for scanning their environment and communicating how effective Chalk is based on their experiences.
    • Who are your experts? These people are extremely knowledgeable about the issue or process the user is trying to resolve. They provide guidance to the user.
  • Company requirements

Establishing a process helps communicate how Chalk fits in with your organization’s current processes and tools. It also ensures your organization's use of Chalk is consistent as your user base grows.

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