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Roll Out to End Users

Once you’ve tested Chalk, roll it out to your end users. End users include anyone in your organization who will use Vuforia Chalk. Execute the rollout plan you created earlier in the project.

Train end users

Ensure everyone who will use Vuforia Chalk has the knowledge they need to get started. Follow the training plan you created in your project plan. If your organization has a training department, collaborate with them.

Depending on your use case, your end users may include your customers. Determine how you’ll train them. For example, this may include a quick start guide or presentation.

To participate in training, end users will need:

  • Access to the Vuforia Chalk app
  • Your organization’s chosen devices (mobile devices, tablets, eyewear devices, and/or computers)
  • If you’re not using single sign-on, they will need a username and password to log in to Vuforia Chalk. Your admin will need to invite them to Chalk if they have not done so already.

This training should focus on getting your end users comfortable using Vuforia Chalk. End users may not need in-person training to get started: instead, try providing how-to videos or basic instructions, then encourage them to learn by using Chalk. As you conduct training, monitor whether your approach is effective. You may discover end users need more time to get used to scanning an environment or more guidance on how to use Chalk on their given device, for example.

Communicate key points about the project:

  • When and where to use Chalk
  • How often they should use Chalk
  • How to use Chalk’s key features
  • How to contact support if they have an issue with Vuforia Chalk or a device

Ideally, employees have been notified in advance that the organization is introducing Vuforia Chalk. They’ll be more likely to embrace the change if they know it’s coming. Training is another opportunity to build excitement for Vuforia Chalk, providing your employees with an opportunity to try the technology themselves.

Recommended Resources

Train your organization's help desk

To reduce downtime and achieve your project goals, it’s important to provide technical support to everyone using Vuforia Chalk within your organization. PTC recommends establishing a “help desk” within your IT department. Help desk personnel should complete Vuforia Chalk training so they’re prepared to answer basic questions, troubleshoot problems, and manage device issues.

In cases when your help desk is unable to resolve the issue, PTC offers technical support. Your organization’s Vuforia Chalk administrator may open a case with PTC Technical Support. Once PTC is notified of the issue and the severity of the issue is assessed, a member of the technical support team will assist them.

Recommended Resources

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