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Test Vuforia Chalk

Verify your team can successfully use Vuforia Chalk in their day-to-day jobs. Make sure it works correctly and your team is comfortable using it.

Test Vuforia Chalk

Now that your team knows how to use Chalk, verify they can use it under the circumstances and environments included in your use case. Test Chalk with a small team before you invite more users across your organization.

We recommend running multiple tests:

  • Hold a session between your chosen devices
  • Hold a session in each of your use case environments
  • Try different features such as Chalk Marks, low bandwidth mode, and sending a connect code

Check items such as:

  • Network connectivity
  • Environment
    • Is it too loud for Chalk sessions?
    • Are you able to scan your environment? It’s harder for Chalk to scan dark or poorly lit environments.
    • Are there shiny objects or reflective surfaces in your environment? It’s harder for Chalk to scan these items.
    • Do annotations stick to objects in your environment?
  • Devices
  • Chalk features
    • Do they function as expected?
    • Do you need session summaries?

Recommended Resources

Gather feedback from test team

Gather feedback from the users who tested Chalk.

Ask questions such as:

  • In what ways does Chalk meet or fail to meet your needs?
  • How did Chalk function? Did it meet or fail to meet your expectations?
  • Would you use Chalk again?
  • Are you comfortable using Chalk or would you like additional training?

This feedback will help you address concerns, troubleshoot issues, and communicate about Chalk as you introduce it to more users across the organization.

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