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Complex Assets: The Service Supply Chain Challenge


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One of the greatest Service Supply Chain challenges is the optimized management of materials for complex assets such as aircraft or weapon systems. The ability to efficiently maintain a broad array of diverse parts across multiple locations impacts the performance and ultimate success of:

Aerospace and Defense
  • Fleet availability
  • System readiness
  • Maintenance throughput
  • Shop cycle times

Further, each challenge is complicated by:

  • High failure rates
  • High unit costs
  • Long lead times
  • Multiple operating theatres across the globe
  • Global networks
  • Dynamic product configurations

Such complex, multi-layered operational challenges require highly specialized software solutions. A software solution must be able to create a set of inventory targets optimized to availability goals while also managing the daily planning required to drive fluid inventory networks, maximize utilization of repairable assets, and manage supply positions in the enterprise or by program.

Out-of-the Box: PTC Solutions Offer Immediate Value and Functional Fit

PTC excels at integrating two fundamental aspects of successful complex asset Service Supply Chains:

  1. The most specialized and scalable optimization, tunable to fleet availability, system readiness, mission profiles, maintenance schedules or part fill rates
  2. The most robust tactical day-to-day planning and forecasting model integrated with sophisticated optimization techniques based on DoD ‘RBS’ Readiness Based Sparing principles and methods for military operational environments

PTC’s software solution, Service Parts Management (SPM), synchronizes supply and demand with maintenance. This leads to maximum readiness for all land, air, or sea-based assets.

Leaders Rely on PTC FA&D Experience and Results

Leading airlines, defense agencies, DoD OEMs, and MROs use PTC solutions to harmonize inventory planning and optimize the Service Supply Chain.

Streamlining Fleet Maintenance: From Part Fulfillment to Fleet Uptime

Pressures on the Aerospace and Defense industry have led experts to change the conversation about fleet maintenance and parts management.

Airbus Helicopters Leverages PTC Partnership to Deliver Next-Generation Helicopter

PTC Global Services helps teams drive efficient and accurate management of helicopter’s design with Windchill PLM.

Learn How PTC Delivers Immediate Value and Functional Fit


Meeting flight schedules, complying with FAA requirements, and ensuring overall airworthiness of an aircraft fleet are daunting tasks.


Weapon systems must be available when needed.


Meeting customer availability, or fill rate profitably, are the metrics that matter to a manufacturer managing a PBL for warfighter weapon systems.


The synchronization of maintenance schedules with the required materials is essential to meeting committed customer delivery dates.