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PTC Customer Support Engagement Guide
Get to know PTC's Service Offerings and how to engage, interact and make the most of Technical Support.

Options to get help

PTC offers four options to actively get assistance for technical aspects of using PTC software:

  • The Knowledge Base/Self Help
    • Finding solutions and information in our Knowledge Base for immediate relieve
  • On-Demand System Scan
    • Scanning your log and configuration files to automatically get solutions to frequent issues
  • PTC-Assisted Community Support
    • Getting help from industry peers, augmented by the assistance of PTC’s Support product experts within the environment of PTCs Community
    • (Currently available for the following product families: Creo, Mathcad, and Windchill)
  • Technical Support
    • Technical Support from the PTC Support Team of Product Experts

Depending on the type of issue (like: is it more of a “How-To” question or a “Break/Fix” issue), impact of the topic (how is the topic impacting the value generated by the use of the PTC application) and urgency of the subject (how quickly would a feedback be required) users should choose what is best for their particular topic.

Customers that reach out to PTC Technical Support leveraging the eSupport portal and the “Technical Support Assistant” will be guided through these options in order to ensure the best course of action depending their topic at hand.

Help with Unsupported Issues

PTC products interface with a variety of technologies. Front-end solutions like Web Servers (eg Apache HTTP Server), load balancers, single sign-on solutions (SSO), SSL certificates, and LDAP repositories add functionality that is often critical to functioning of our products.

PTC Server products can be deployed in a variety of third-party public cloud environments such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Microsoft Azure. These environments can offer such services as dedicated image storage, caching mechanisms, load balancers, auto scaling, and network configuration which all add functionality that is often critical to the functioning of our products.

PTC will endeavor to provide documentation for integration with these third-party applications but does not provide support for third-party applications. We are unable to provide support when a failure in a third-party application occurs.

If you need help in the context of an unsupported topic the PTC Peer Community is a great channel for discussions outside the bounds of the PTC Support offering.

If you need additional help, contact one of our PTC Partners (our third-party value added resellers) who offer a wide range of professional services, training, customizations and paid support.