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PTC Customer Support Engagement Guide
Get to know PTC's Service Offerings and how to engage, interact and make the most of Technical Support.

Providing Data for a Case

This chapter is about providing data to Technical Support in the scope of an Assisted Support Case. If you are sending CUI or NDA data please see the topic Sending Secure Data.

Please see PTC Cybersecurity and DPA to understand PTC's Data Privacy Policy.

Providing Data for a Case

The most convenient way is to send data electronically. Guidance is offered below on how this can be done:

Data may also be sent on physical media. If this is required, please ask your Technical Support engineer for instructions.

Case Logger / Tracker

Complete the following steps to use the Case Logger and Case Tracker to upload a file for Technical Support to review.

  1. Select “Attach Files” in the Case Logger, or “Upload Attachment” in the Case Tracker and follow instructions to browse to file(s)
  2. Enter an optional description for the file you want to upload. (500 characters maximum)
  3. Click Attach Files or Continue to upload. Limit the file size to a maximum of 2GB.

Note: When the file is received in the Case Tracker the Technical Support engineer assigned to your case is notified automatically.

Sending Data by E-mail

To send your data related to an existing PTC case via e-mail, complete the following steps:

Note: If you do not have a case number, contact PTC Technical Support. See Preparing to Contact Technical Support in the previous chapter for more information on preparing for your call to Technical Support.

  1. Compose your e-mail message and attach files up to a total of 4 MB. If the attachments exceed 4 MB, PTC will return it to you.
  2. Send the email to the engineer working on your case and cs_ptc@ptc.com in the CC field (the Case Number must be included in the Subject field, such as C12345678)

When the data is received, the Technical Support Engineer assigned to your case is notified automatically.

Sending Data via the PTC Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) Server

The PTC SFTP server includes a Technical Support area, which you can use to transfer larger files. This area is configured with write-only privileges. 

Requirements for Data You Send to the PTC SFTP Site

Whenever you use SFTP to send data to the PTC Technical Support area, make sure that your data meets the following requirements:

  • The file name must be in the form C########.*, where C######## is an open Technical Support case number and the asterisk (*) is a compressed file extension, such as .zip or .tar.
  • Data must be in a single-file format. To send multiple files, you must incorporate them into single compressed file.

Connecting to the PTC SFTP Server

Connect to the PTC SFTP server using an FTP client in one of the following ways:

  • From the Command Line (SSH client required)
  • From an SFTP Client Program

From Command Line

  1. Change directories to reach the directory where your file is stored. Enter cd <directory_name>
  2. Type psftp ftp.ptc.com or sftp ftp.ptc.com at a command-line prompt
  3. Type y to store key in cache
  4. When the username is requested, type cs
  5. When the password is requested, type cs
  6. Use the put command to upload the file at the FTP prompt. For example, to upload C12345678.zip, type put C12345678.zip
  7. Wait for the data upload to complete, and do not close the command-line window during the process. The FTP prompt appears
  8. Type bye to exit

From SFTP Client with Graphical User Interface

  1. If you are using a SFTP client program with a graphical user interface, connect to sftp://ftp.ptc.com with username cs, password cs
  2. Drag and drop your file in the form C########.* to the folder