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Manage and monitor software
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Access Software Information

PTC provides access to current software license codes, address information, and all required license details.

Requesting a Customer Detailed License Report

PTC customers can request a Customer Detail Report, which lists the license information for each installation site.

Customer Detailed Report returns various information such as: Customer Number, Sales Order Number, Host ID's, Order Item, Type of License, Quantity, Contact Person and Site etc.

A PTC web account with reporting privileges is required to obtain access to the Detailed License Report. To obtain a web account, sign up online: New Account.

Verifying or Updating Address and Hardware Information

PTC customers must keep their hardware and address information as accurate and as up-to-date as possible. PTC sends information to businesses based on hardware-specific issues and contacts businesses with important information regarding Maintenance Support contracts, software updates, license information, and Maintenance Support releases.

To verify or update your address or hardware information:

  1. Obtain the CPU ID and Installation Site ID. See your Customer Detail Report or an existing license pack.
  2. Access the Update Web tools on the PTC Support Website.

The PTC Website allows you to specify a new installation address and, if necessary, a different Maintenance Support shipping address. All information can be modified, including the contact name.

A PTC web account with licensing privileges is required to obtain access to update hardware information. To obtain a web account, sign up on line: New Account

Requesting a New License Pack

PTC Customers can request a current license pack. A license pack is convenient for businesses that must reconfigure their license or review their current licensing configurations. The license pack typically has all required information to complete any machine or software reconfiguration.

To request a new license pack:

  1. Obtain one of the following pieces of information:
    • Service Contract Number (SCN)
    • Sales Order Number (SON)
    • Host ID (cpu_id)
    • Site ID (installation site number)
    • This information can be found on the Customer Detail Report, in your currently installed software, or other administrative information sent to your customer site.
  2. Access the Retrieve Existing License Packs tool located on the PTC Support Website.
  3. Enter the required information. The appropriate license pack is then sent by e-mail to the address specified in your web account.

A PTC web account with licensing privileges is required to access this site. To obtain a web account sign up online: New Account