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PTC Customer Support Engagement Guide
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Arbortext Support Overview

Support services for your Arbortext products and customized applications are as important as their features and functions. PTC offers a broad spectrum of quality services for Arbortext customers, including the following:

  • Custom Application Development and Support
  • Training Services
  • Support for Arbortext Integrations with Partner Products
  • Technical Support

Custom Application Development and Support

Custom applications enhance products to satisfy specialized requirements. An in-house developer, PTC Consulting Services, or a third-party developer can create them for you. If you need consulting services to assist with development or support of a custom application, contact your PTC Sales Representative.

See Other Info for more information about consulting and PTC Global Services.

Training Services

PTC Training Services offers a comprehensive curriculum and solid instruction in XML, SGML, and Arbortext products. You can opt for standard or customized courses at a PTC facility or at your site.

PTC instructors are experienced and skilled Arbortext product users with thorough knowledge of XML and SGML concepts. They facilitate structured, hands-on interactions and the exchange of techniques and technical information.

See the PTC Training Website for training classes, schedules, and other options. In addition, see Other Info for more information about Training Services.

Support for Arbortext Integrations with Partner Products

Arbortext products integrate with a number of PTC partner products, such as content management systems. If you encounter a problem relating to both an Arbortext product and a partner product, Technical Support will work with you and our partner to resolve the problem. If the problem lies solely with the partner software, you will be asked to contact the partner directly for further support.

If PTC Global Services developed the interface, contact them directly for support. If PTC did not develop the interface, then contact the responsible individuals.

Technical Support

PTC Technical Support answers questions about Arbortext products and their related documentation. You are eligible for technical support and automatic product updates if you have a current Support Agreement. Technical Support does not provide training or consulting services.