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PTC Customer Support Engagement Guide
Get to know PTC's Service Offerings and how to engage, interact and make the most of Technical Support.

Requirements for ThingWorx Customization Support

ThingWorx provides out of the box Solutions, however it also provides a Platform that enables developing and deploying custom applications to address unique business use cases. To engage support on how to questions, developers must be trained on the ThingWorx Platform and respective best practices.

Likewise, the developer and administrator of those custom applications should be the first level of support and the developer being the point of contact when engaging PTC support in any related issues.

Whenever contacting Technical Support, customers must explain the use case involved in the issue being reported and what testing has been done to isolate the root cause when customization are involved.

PTC Technical Support will not have knowledge of how the application was designed and developed, therefore the testing that support would perform will need to remove customizations, exercising core platform APIs, Widgets, etc., in an attempt to isolate the root cause.   In doing so, Technical Support may deploy a demo code provided by the customer within a PTC environment to confirm that the issue is related to the particular API method (or methods) or other.


Customizations made by the customer, a PTC Partner or any third-party organization are only supported in the following manner:

  • PTC Technical Support engineers will not develop code for customers, nor are able to assist in debugging or troubleshooting pure code unless a product defect is identified and can be reproduced in an out-of-the-box ThingWorx environment with a concise code sample. Technical Support can provide general guidance using a specific API / service, but the actual creation or maintenance is the responsibility of the customer.
  • Support is limited to the use of out-of-the-box features & functionalities that have been documented in the ThingWorx Help Center and other related documentation. 
  • In some cases, customers will have to submit code to Technical Support to demonstrate a behavior. Rather than sending the entire application/package, provide an example that demonstrates the specific use case as concisely as possible. Technical Support will not troubleshoot or debug large code examples (hundreds of lines).
  • When production runtime issues are reported for a custom solution, PTC will engage in root cause analysis to determine if PTC products are involved.If in the process of troubleshooting, it is determined that solution customizations need to be evaluated / debugged, the customer is responsible for providing resources that know the solution customization.In the event that no resources exist that are familiar with the solution customization, PTC may recommend paid services to assist in isolating and resolving.
  • As ThingWorx evolves with new releases and builds, prior features and functionalities may be altered or removed in favor of new, industry standard best practices. With each upgrade, customers should carefully review the release notes for changes that may impact their custom code or extensions.


If you need consulting services to assist with development or support of a custom integration or application, please contact your PTC Sales Representative or your PTC Partner.