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PTC Customer Support Engagement Guide
Get to know PTC's Service Offerings and how to engage, interact and make the most of Technical Support.

Contact Licensing

You can either log a case on our Website, email or call the License Management Department to make product configuration–related requests, license management requests, or to follow up a previous case.

Customer Case Logger

Cases can be logged online via the Customer Care Case logger.

License Management can also be reached via email: wwlm@ptc.com

Preparing for your Call

Before you make your call to License Management, gather critical information for the LM representative.  Preparing this information in advance ensures a quicker and more efficient session.

Personal Information

The License Management representative will ask you for the following information to log a case:

  • SCN (Service Contract Number) or SON (Sales Order Number)
  • PTC Host ID
  • Priority of the issue:
    • Extremely critical - Work stopped
    • Critical - Work severely impacted
    • Urgent - Work impacted
    • Noncritical - Work unimpacted

General Information

The LM representative will ask you for the following hardware and software information needed to process your request:

  • License Information
    • SON for a newly purchased license.
  • Address Information
    • Installation Address - Physical location of your PTC license server or client machines running PTC software.
    • Contact Information - Name, e-mail address, and telephone and fax numbers for all shipping, billing, administrative, and technical contacts.
  • Hardware Information
    • License server or servers for floating licenses and floating optional modules.
    • Independent workstation or workstations for locked licenses.

Accessing Phone Support

In addition to Web tools, PTC provides phone support for license management requests.


North America Service

For license management services in North America, call the Customer Care Center at the number listed in the Worldwide Contact Information at the back of this guide.

Europe and Far East Service

For license management services in Europe and the Far East, contact the appropriate PTC office by dialing one of the telephone numbers listed in the Worldwide Contact Information at the back of this guide.  A complete list of License Management contact information is on the PTC Support Website.

Tracking Cases on the PTC Website

You can also use the PTC Website to track your License Management cases by using Case Tracker located in the Technical Support section of the PTC Website.  This application allows you to view cases placed by your company to PTC Customer Service. Case Tracker provides searching, tracking, and sorting capabilities.  It also allows you to add your own comments to a case.  When comments are added, the LM representative assigned to your case is notified automatically.

Following Up Your Case

To follow up on an issue that has been logged, give the number you were assigned for the case, for example, C1234567, to the Customer Service Operator.  Refer to that number on any correspondence to the License Management department.

Resolving Your Licensing Question

A PTC License Management representative will work with you to resolve your question to your satisfaction.  Have the information listed above in "Preparing for Your Call" available when you place your call so the LM representative can provide more efficient service.

If the LM representative determines that more specific information is required to resolve your issue, please include your Case number, along with any additional information requested, in all correspondence to License Management.

When the LM representative sends the required software codes or notifies you that a request has been sent, the status of the case is changed to “Closed”.  Use the closed case number for reference purposes only.

Note: If you have a new license management issue to report, do not refer to a closed case number. Instead, use the LM Web Tools or call License Management directly to log a new case.

Escalating Your Licensing Issue

Issues are prioritized when you first contact the License Management department.  However, the priority of an issue may change during its resolution.  To escalate the priority of an issue at any time during the resolution process, contact the LM department.  Identify the issue using its unique case number.