Customer Support Guide

If you complete the Pre-Call Checklist and determine that you need to contact PTC Technical Support, you can do so on the web or by telephone, as described in the below instructions.  In each case, Technical Support will issue you a unique case number in the format C#######, for example, C1234567, that you can later use to track the resolution of your issue.

Opening Cases on the PTC Website

You can use the Case Logger tool on PTC's eSupport Portal to open Technical Support cases 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. On entering your question, our most relevant Knowledge Base Articles are displayed to help you solve your issue immediately. Should further assistance be necessary, the application provides an intuitive interface to gather further details, and returns a case number upon submission of all information.

Opening Cases by Telephone

To contact PTC Technical Support by telephone, see the list of Worldwide Phone Numbers in the Contact Tab.

Processing Your Technical Support Telephone Case

When you call PTC Technical Support by phone, your call is routed to the appropriate automated call distribution (ACD) phone queue. Each queue corresponds to a specific PTC product or functionality.  Go to the Contact Tab of this Guide, select your region and you will be able to view a corresponding Telephone Menu Map with a detailed view of our phone system options.

If a Technical Support Engineer is available, the system immediately routes your call to that engineer. If an engineer is not available within two to three minutes, the system gives you the following options: 

  • Continue to wait for the next available engineer.
  • Leave a voicemail message to log your support case.
  • Speak with an operator to log your support case.

If you leave a message in voicemail or with an operator, a Technical Support Engineer will return your call within one to two business hours (depending on your Service Level Agreement).

The Technical Support phone system is designed to provide you with flexible options and to let you speak directly with a Technical Support Engineer as quickly as possible.