Customer Support Guide


Our Regional Support Centers provide local language support during local business hours :



North and South  America Brazil Europe Asian Pacific  Rim Japan

Hours of Operations

8am-8pm  (EST)

8am-6pm  (BRT)

8am-6pm  (Central European Time)

8am-6pm  (China Coast Time)

9am-6pm  (Japan Standard Time)




English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese

English, Mandarin, Korean



Outside local business hours Support is provided in English.



  • Not all products are covered under all languages.
  • Local Languages might not be available during some local national holidays.
  • Weekend support is provided to GoldPlus/Platinum Customers in English only for Severity 0 & Severity 1 cases.
  • Planned Weekend Support can be purchased by Gold Customers as required.