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Revisit Project Plan and Next Steps

Evaluate your project. Then, return to your Vuforia Chalk project plan and prioritize your next steps based on the value that Vuforia Chalk contributes to your long-term goals.

Complete project retrospective

After your end users use Vuforia Chalk regularly, evaluate how the project went. A project retrospective is your opportunity to reflect on the project. Gather feedback from the project team, end users, and anyone else involved with the technology.

Explore questions like:

  • Did you achieve the outcome you identified for your use case? For example, if your use case is to decrease unplanned down time for new hires, has Vuforia Chalk helped your organization fix issues more quickly?
  • What went well throughout the project?
  • What was challenging?
  • What did you learn?
  • How could you have done things differently?
  • What are the benefits of using Chalk compared to previous methods?
  • How can you improve for the next project?
  • Were there any skillsets missing from the project team?
  • Was the timeline appropriate?

The project retrospective helps you identify opportunities to improve processes, reallocate resources, or change your approach. It also helps you communicate positive outcomes as you encourage others to use Vuforia Chalk.

Revisit project plan

As you measure the success of your Vuforia Chalk project, revisit your project plan. Determine your next steps based on the value your project delivered. Plan any adjustments you need to achieve or sustain value for the organization. Consider how you will grow the use of Vuforia Chalk in your organization to achieve the most value. Also consider new features and functionality Chalk may have at this time.

The project plan’s long-term goals should reflect what’s feasible and needed to grow your Vuforia Chalk project. For example, if you plan to start using Vuforia Chalk with new users, make sure everyone has the devices and training they need to use the technology.

Revisit your long-term strategy and project goals. Consider if you need to adjust your priorities to meet your goals—discuss any problems and new insights. Ensure your next steps are clear to everyone involved or invested in the project to keep it moving forward.

We also recommend taking steps to encourage employees to adopt Vuforia Chalk. Can they teach others how to use the technology? Empower users to teach one another to help integrate the technology in your organization.

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