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Measure Business Impact

Revisit the goals and metrics you established for your Vuforia Chalk project. Then, gather the data you need to measure success.

Evaluate metrics

After your Vuforia Chalk use case is implemented, revisit the goals and metrics your organization set in your measurement plan. Review your baseline metrics, then gather current data. If you don’t have access to the information you need, contact someone who does, like the manager who tracks service calls.

Evaluate your metrics on an ongoing basis, according to your measurement plan.

Assess value

Compare the baseline metrics to your current data to determine how much value Vuforia Chalk has provided so far. If you’re not achieving value, there are two potential reasons. The set of metrics you chose may not be accurate for the use case. Or there may be another factor affecting the current outcome, such as users not consistently using Chalk. Investigate what the issue might be, reassess, and make adjustments.

At this point, confirm your goals have not changed from your initial measurement plan. Consider if they’re still relevant and adjust accordingly. If you do adjust your goals, give your stakeholders a clear reason why.

Share results with stakeholders

Share the results and any adjustments to your goals with the project executive sponsor, organizational leaders, deployment lead, users, and other stakeholders. Outline the financial impact and any improvements the project has created. It’s important to share these results so all stakeholders are informed about the value of your project. Reviewing these results can also help you reassess and determine next steps.

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