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Manage Devices

Implement your device management plan if you have not done so yet. Then, keep your devices up to date with the latest versions of Vuforia Chalk. Install updates to mobile, tablet, and eyewear devices. If you’re using Chalk on a laptop or desktop computer, Vuforia Chalk will update automatically.

Update Vuforia Chalk on devices

To ensure your mobile, tablet, and eyewear devices remain secure and stable, update them regularly. Update the device operating system and the Vuforia Chalk app. PTC releases a new version of the Vuforia Chalk app every month. We post announcements regarding app updates and compatible operating systems in the Community.

Depending on which devices you use and your device settings, you may need to take extra steps to install updates. If you're not permitted to install software updates, contact your company's IT department or administrator. They will have a process for updating devices on employees' behalf.

Mobile devices and tablets

If you set up automatic updates for Chalk on your device, then the app will update automatically when PTC releases a new version. Check your auto-update setting in your app store settings.

If you do not set up automatic updates, then you’ll need to install app updates through your device’s app store.

Devices must be connected to the internet to update. You’ll need to update each device individually. You may need to sign in to the app again after the update is installed.

RealWear eyewear devices

To update Vuforia Chalk on RealWear devices, follow these steps:

  • Log in to PTC eSupport. You'll need a PTC support account.
  • Download the latest Vuforia Chalk APK.
  • Connect the RealWear device to the computer.
  • Drag and drop the Chalk APK into the RealWear Explorer to add the updated software to your RealWear device.

Devices must be connected to the internet to update.

You’ll need to update each device individually unless you’re using RealWear Foresight, which allows you to update multiple devices at once.

You may need to sign in to the app after the update is installed.

Laptop or desktop computer

Vuforia Chalk for Desktop will update automatically since you don’t download the software locally. There’s no need to update, download, or install anything.

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