Try Out Creo 4.0 CAD Software Early. Here's How

In Creo 4.0, due later this year, we're adding lots of new capabilities including design for additive manufacturing, model-based definition, and much more. Vice President of Product Management Paul Sagar says this is "one of the biggest releases we've had in a very long time."

But you don't have to believe him. After all, it's part of his job to say nice things about our CAD software.

Lattice model for 3D printing, optimized using Creo 4.0 CAD software

Lattice structure modeled in Creo 4.0 CAD software

If you really want to know whether Creo 4.0 is going to make a difference to you and your work, download the sneak peek version today, and try it out.

The Creo 4.0 Sneak Peek Download--Free and Available Now

If you're a Creo customer, past or present, on active support or not, we'll give you the CAD software for free to use until August 5. You'll not only get Creo Parametric, you'll also be able to freely use apps alike Creo Simulate, Creo Direct, and Creo Layout.

Plus, the sneak peek includes extensions like Piping, Cabling, Mold Analysis, Interactive Surfacing, Additive Manufacturing, GD&T Advisor.

All free to use, even if they're not included in your current license!

All we ask in exchange is your feedback as you work with the software. We'll then use your comments to make further improvements in advance of the release day.

Useful Details

  • You do not need to upgrade your existing license; the software comes with an embedded license.
  • The license automatically expires 5 August 2016.
  • Once you've installed the software, make sure you test the new geometry selection tools, Model based definition, and design for additive manufacturing capabilities.
  • Any data created using sneak peek cannot be opened in any commercial software. That is, the data created can only be opened in sneak peek.
  • Use the exclusive community forum we provide in the download link to interact with your peers and provide feedback on Creo 4.0.

Ready to sign up?

Here's how to get started: Send an email to

We'll send you a link to the download location and the invite-only forum, where you’ll find many others already participating. Also, you’ll find the READ ME document there, which can answer questions about licensing and platform support.

Sign up now. Remember, the license expires August 5, so the sooner you contact us, the longer you’ll have to try out the Creo 4.0 Sneak Peek.

3D printed objects optimized in Creo 4.0 CAD software

Image: Maximize strength while minimizing weight. Creo 4.0 CAD software helps you model and optimize lattice structures for 3D printing.