• Computer-Aided Engineering

Computer-Aided Engineering

Incorporate analysis into product design by incorporating PTC’s host of simulation solutions.

What is computer-aided engineering (CAE)?

Computer-aided engineering (CAE) is the entire engineering process, from product design ideation and drafting to simulation and analysis testing. This is done within a CAD environment and its corresponding tool stack.

CAD usually refers to either computer-aided drafting (generating 2D production drawings) or computer-aided design (developing 3D solid models of products), but PTC customers use CAD tools like Creo for more than drafting and design. They take advantage of PTC’s host of simulation solutions as well to design better through analysis.

Design Better

Advance product designs with simulation in CAE


Whether you’re a design engineer or an analyst, PTC provides solutions fit for your needs.

These suites of solutions allow you to test the stresses and loads under which your product will operate under real world conditions—including vibrations, heat, and more. Our solutions offer everything from design guidance to a comprehensive set of capabilities for analyzing and validating the performance of your 3D virtual prototypes.

PTC’s Simulation Solutions