What is computational fluid dynamics (CFD)?

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is a field of fluid mechanics that uses numerical analysis to study and visualize the flow of fluids in real-life. This kind of analysis is included as a part of simulation tool stacks in order to simulate the streaming nature of fluids and the way in which the flow changes when fluids interact with surfaces.

Why is computational fluid dynamics (CFD) important?

What if all CAD users could see the un-seeable in their designs? For example, air, the inside of a bubble, heat, nitrogen, oxygen, pressure, forces, or even water.

Let’s call these un-seeables digital fluids. If you could model these digital fluids in your CAD system, you could save your company dollars in hardware prototyping costs and offer your customers lower cost products with the money you save.

To model digital fluids—the internal volume, the external volume, or a combination of both—we need an extraction tool in our CAD system. PTC offers two solutions to aid in modeling digital fluids. Creo Flow Analysis and Creo Simulation Live.

Creo Simulation Live Advanced: Fluid flow simulation

Experience real-time computational fluid dynamics.

Have a design that warrants you factoring in how it interacts with fluids? Fluid Flow Simulation allows you to do just that and enables you to Iterate on your designs faster with real-time-computational fluid dynamics feedback within your CAD instance.

With this design feedback fully integrated into your modeling environment, there is no more back and forth and no separate environments. When you change the design, you get guidance on the design decisions you make, as you make them. This allows you to assess if you’re headed in the right direction; and if you are not, you can move on to the next iteration faster.

Design with greater confidence and bring great products to market faster with the Fluid Flow Simulation feature in Creo Simulation Live Advanced.


  • Fluid domain creation
  • External flow
  • Internal flow
  • Results display and interactive probes
  • Fluid flow and temperature simulations
  • Streamlines, cut planes, particles, and direction field

Advanced CFD: Creo Flow Analysis

The Creo Flow Analysis extension puts computational fluid dynamics in the hands of every engineer. As products become more complex and timelines shorten, you need a CFD solution that allows you to analyze liquid and gas flow early in your design process. With Creo Flow Analysis, you can reduce expensive hardware testing and gain unique insight into your products before they’re manufactured.

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